Hermann Hesse

Standard Name: Hesse, Hermann


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Dedications Anne Sexton
AS felt pressed for money as she was writing these poetic narratives, thinking about the looming burden of college bills for her elder daughter. She worked on this book in conjunction with the next two...
Textual Production T. S. Eliot
The first number of The Criterion appeared in October 1922, edited by TSE : its title (invented by Vivien Eliot ) declared its intention of assuming the authority of literary judgement. This first issue included...
Travel Kathleen E. Innes
Its success helped secure for future schools such high-profile speakers as Bertrand Russell , Hermann Hesse , Emily Greene Balch , Romain Rolland , Georges Duhamel , and Paul Birukoff (Tolstoy 's secretary and biographer).
Harvey, Kathryn. "Driven by War into Politics": A Feminist Biography of Kathleen Innes. University of Alberta, 1995.


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