Laurence Housman

Standard Name: Housman, Laurence


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Family and Intimate relationships A. E. Housman
AEH 's brother Laurence Housman (1865-1959) became a writer and the editor of his elder brother's posthumous publications.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Laurence Houseman
Carter, John et al. A.E. Housman: A Bibliography. St Paul’s Bibliographies.
Friends, Associates Katharine Bruce Glasier
Many of her friends are named in the pages of The Glen Book: Glen's godmother Elizabeth Glendower Evans , Glasier's secretary-daughterRose Simpson ,
Glasier, Katharine Bruce. The Glen Book. London.
Laurence Housman , who was present when Glen died...
Friends, Associates Ethel Mannin
EM entertained frequently at Oak Cottage, the house she bought after separating from her first husband. Visitors included Paul Tanqueray , Louis Marlow , Ralph Straus , Norman Haire , Fenner Brockway , and...
Friends, Associates E. Nesbit
Later friends included Laurence Housman , Marshall Steele , and the popular novelist Berta Ruck (whom Nesbit first met as a friend of her daughter Iris at the Slade School). Nesbit could be difficult as...
Friends, Associates Evelyn Sharp
ES wrote later that at no time in her life did she make intimate friends easily. Most people she had to do with she liked up to a certain point only, but she could count...
Intertextuality and Influence E. Nesbit
EN 's The Phoenix and the Carpet (a response to Laurence Housman 's suggestion of structuring a magic tale around these two incongruous objects) was serialized in the Strand Magazine.
Briggs, Julia. A Woman of Passion: The Life of E. Nesbit, 1858-1924. Hutchinson.
225, 150
Literary responses Olive Schreiner
The book elicited strong reactions, most of them positive. It was highly praised by Philip Kent , who wrote a long article about it instead of his usual shorter reviews in Life, a weekly...
Occupation Edith Craig
The Players performed dramas about generational gaps, marriage, career, prostitution, and representations of women. These included Laurence Housman 's Pains and Penalties, A Defence of Queen Caroline, Jess Dorynne 's The Surprise of His...
Occupation Kathleen E. Innes
Among those drafted to form the Mandate's Honorary Council in Britain were prominent politicians, clergy, feminists, and writers such as Margaret Ashton , Margaret Bondfield , Vera Brittain , Arthur Henderson , Laurence Housman ,...
politics E. Nesbit
EN was, and remained later in her life, opposed to women's suffrage. Laurence Housman thought that this stance was influenced by her husband: this was probably true, though the situation was also more complicated. Her...
politics Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
Fifty years later in her autobiography, EPL explains how, although Katherine Price Hughes never explicitly lectured on female equality, the expectations Katherine had for the women in the club introduced Emmeline to the influence and...
Textual Production A. E. Housman
Laurence Housman 's selection of his brother's hitherto unpublished work, More Poems, appeared after AEH 's death.
Housman, A. E. “Editorial Materials”. The Letters of A. E. Housman, edited by Henry Maas, Rupert Hart-Davis, p. various pages.
Carter, John et al. A.E. Housman: A Bibliography. St Paul’s Bibliographies.


February 1909: The Suffrage Atelier was established; like...

National or international item

February 1909

The Suffrage Atelier was established; like members of the Artists' Suffrage League , SA members produced posters and banners to advertise suffrage activities.

23 July 1910: A march in London was held in support of...

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23 July 1910

A march in London was held in support of the Conciliation Bill; originally proposed by the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies , it was eventually taken over by the Women's Social and Political Union .

25 May 1912: The Irish Citizen, a suffrage newspaper jointly...

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25 May 1912

The Irish Citizen, a suffrage newspaper jointly edited by Francis Sheehy Skeffington and James Cousins , began weekly publication in London.

July 1920: The Irish Citizen ended publication after...

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July 1920

The Irish Citizen ended publication after a British soldier wrecked the press.

June 1925: The Independent Labour Party founded an Arts...

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June 1925

The Independent Labour Party founded an Arts Guild to promote socialist drama and performance.

After February 1932: An appeal of Count Potocki of Montalk's case...

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After February 1932

An appeal of Count Potocki of Montalk 's case was heard; and although he was not cleared, an advance in obscene libel cases was made.


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