Arthur Henderson

Standard Name: Henderson, Arthur


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Friends, Associates Mary Agnes Hamilton
MAH knew and worked closely with the Labour leader Ramsay MacDonald , though her early intense admiration for him diminished with time. Up to the year after publishing her book on him (which was also...
Friends, Associates Beatrice Webb
Their closest friends were statesman R. B. Haldane , Labour leader Arthur Henderson , Liberal politician Herbert Samuel , G. B. Shaw , and political psychologist Graham Wallas , the last two both Fabians. They...
Occupation Kathleen E. Innes
Among those drafted to form the Mandate's Honorary Council in Britain were prominent politicians, clergy, feminists, and writers such as Margaret Ashton , Margaret Bondfield , Vera Brittain , Arthur Henderson , Laurence Housman ,...
Textual Production Mary Agnes Hamilton
In Arthur Henderson : A Biography (on which she had been working since 1935) Mary Agnes Hamilton celebrated a Labour Party and disarmament leader, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Ashley, Maurice Percy. “Apostle of Disarmament”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 1885, p. 177.
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Hamilton, Mary Agnes. “Arthur Henderson”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 1818, p. 1016.
Textual Production Mary Agnes Hamilton
Her subject, Mary Reid MacArthur , 1880-1921 (wife of the trade unionist Will Anderson , who died only two years before her), had done sterling work in the campaigns to end sweated labour and to...
Textual Production Mary Agnes Hamilton
In 1935, when she gathered a small group of Labour friends to discuss her project, she found that they gravitated inevitably to the topic of Henderson's relations with Ramsay MacDonald . Two years later she...


10 December 1934: Arthur Henderson from Great Britain was awarded...

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10 December 1934

Arthur Henderson from Great Britain was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work towards dismarmanent after the World War I.


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