Sarah Dixon

Standard Name: Dixon, Sarah
Birth Name: Sarah Dixon
Pseudonym: Sylvia
SD , who began writing poems by 1703, seems from the late appearance of her poetry volume as if she belonged to a later generation than she did. The book is notable for her writing in the genres of pastoral and satire. Her poetic talent is greater than her single, obscure volume would suggest.


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Publishing Mary Jones
This volume was dedicated to the Princess of Orange : Anne, daughter of George II and the late Queen Caroline . The princess's mother had been a patron of MJ 's friend Martha Lovelace, later...


1 December 1699: John Pomfret published The Choice, a poem...

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1 December 1699

John Pomfret published The Choice, a poem in praise of the good life; among many other poems sharing this title, or that of The Wish, Pomfret's became a long-lived favourite.


Dixon, Sarah. Poems on Several Occasions. J. Abree, 1740.