Louis XIV, King of France

Standard Name: Louis XIV,, King of France
Used Form: Lewis XIV
Used Form: Louis Quatorze
Used Form: Sun King
Used Form: Louis the Fourteenth


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Cultural formation Anne Dacier
Anne and André Dacier were presented to the king while they were still Protestants, without any very positive results ensuing.
Dedications Marie-Catherine de Villedieu
MCV 's Fables, ou histoires allégoriques, published in 1670, had earlier been presented to the king (their dedicatee) in the form of a splendid manuscript. Her interest in the genre may have been fed...
Family and Intimate relationships Germaine de Staël
GS 's mother, born Suzanne Churchod , came from a family that had experienced persecution as Protestants during the reign of Louis XIV .
Winegarten, Renee. Mme de Staël. Berg.
Pregnant with her daughter, she was appalled by all the...
Intertextuality and Influence Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Her choice of genres came from her reading in French, not English, fiction, though Louisa (one of two survivors from a cycle of tales set at the court of Louis XIV of France) also...
Intertextuality and Influence Jane Barker
Despite her own past conversion, JB says she has made her French author speak the English of the Church of England, in an unusual attempt to bring Catholic devotional practices to the attention of devout...
Literary responses Rosina Bulwer Lytton, Baroness Lytton
In his review in the Athenæum, Henry Fothergill Chorley admitted that the novel wasnot wholly devoid of attraction and that it contained a tolerably lively picture of the court of Louis Quatorze ...
Literary Setting Ann Yearsley
After her deliberately egotistical preface AY erases herself to present her novel as a manuscript written by her male protagonist, Henry, imprisoned in a castle on an island; his tale begins during the night of...
Performance of text Marie-Catherine de Villedieu
MCV 's Le Favory became the first play by a woman to be given at a command performance before the French monarch (with newly-composed music by Jean-Baptiste Lully and a prologue, now lost, by Molière ).
Kuizenga, Donna. “Madame de Villeneuve”. Seventeenth-Century French Writers, edited by Françoise Jaouen, Gale.
politics Marie-Catherine d' Aulnoy
Fairy-tale scholar Jack Zipes writes that although she was an aristocrat and has no appearance of being a rebel, she had been in some difficulty in King Louis XIV 's court,
Zipes, Jack. “The Origins of the Fairy Tale for Children or, How Script was Used To Tame the Beast in Us”. Children and Their Books: A Celebration of the Work of Iona and Peter Opie, edited by Gillian Avery and Julia Briggs, Clarendon Press, pp. 119-34.
and promulgated in...
politics Hester Biddle
HB visited Queen Mary and received a pass allowing her to travel to Europe in quest of the French king , and of an end to the Nine Years War.
Rickman, Lydia L. “Esther Biddle and Her Mission to Louis XIV”. Friends Historical Society Journal, Vol.
, pp. 38-45.
politics Elizabeth Bury
James III had been recognised by Louis XIV in 1701 (disregarding the claim of Queen Anne ) as king of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
Publishing Georgiana Fullerton
In 1857 GF took the unusual step of publishing in Paris a novel written in French: La Comtesse de Bonneval , histoire du temps de Louis XIV, with an introduction by P. Douhaire ...
Residence Anne Dacier
King Louis XIV favoured them with apartments in the Louvre Palace, the royal residence in the centre of Paris, which became their home.
Spencer, Samia I., editor. Writers of the French Enlightenment I. Gale.
Textual Features Katharine Tynan
In this first volume KT establishes three themes that recur throughout her later poetry collections: religion, Ireland, and nature. The four monologues here are spoken by historical or legendary heroines: Louise de la Vallière...
Textual Features Eliza Haywood
This fast-paced story is another of those that Haywood planned as a warning against passion. Set at the court of France, it features a virtuous woman (niece to the historical character Madame de Montespan


14 May 1643: Louis XIII of France died, and was succeeded...

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14 May 1643

Louis XIII of France died, and was succeeded by his four-year-old son as Louis XIV .

28 March 1681: Charles II dissolved a very short-lived parliament...

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28 March 1681

Charles II dissolved a very short-lived parliament (the second that year), which was, for the third time, about to pass an Exclusion Bill barring his brother James from the succession.

1686: Madame de Maintenon founded, in a nunnery...

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Madame de Maintenon founded, in a nunnery at St Cyr near Paris, a school for impoverished noble girls. Closed with other convents at the Revolution, the institution re-opened in 1808 as a school for...

About 1700: The earliest examples of fountain pens (in...

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About 1700

The earliest examples of fountain pens (in brass, with quill nibs) were made by Nicolas Bion, instrument-maker to Louis XIV .

21 August 1715: Louis XIV died; a Regency was established...

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21 August 1715

Louis XIV died; a Regency was established (under the second duc d'Orleans ) for the underage Louis XV .

10 May 1774: Louis XV of France, great-grandson and immediate...

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10 May 1774

Louis XV of France, great-grandson and immediate successor of the Sun King , died of smallpox, and was succeeded by his grandson Louis XVI .


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