Queen Mary II

Standard Name: Mary II, Queen


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Dedications Alicia D'Anvers
ADA 's first published work, A Poem upon His Sacred Majesty , His Voyage to Holland, was licensed for publication; it appeared by January 1691, dedicated to Queen Mary .
English Short Title Catalogue. http://estc.bl.uk/.
Greer, Germaine et al., editors. Kissing the Rod. Virago.
Dedications Bathsua Makin
She dedicated it To all Ingenious and Vertuous Ladies, more especially to her Highness the Lady Mary , the future queen.
Makin, Bathsua. An Essay to Revive the Antient Education of Gentlewomen. Thomas Parkhurst.
Such ladies by this time included BM 's ex-pupils as well as prospective...
Family and Intimate relationships Grisell Murray
After fleeing from the authorities, her father finally settled at Utrecht in the Netherlands, where he sent for his family. Lady Grisell expertly managed the household in the Netherlands, which became a meeting place...
Friends, Associates Dorothy Osborne
DO 's sister-in-law Martha, Lady Giffard , a historical writer and an early widow, lived permanently with the family. Sir William Temple employed the young Jonathan Swift from 1689. DO was a friend and correspondent...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Singer Rowe
It gathered together published and unpublished work (some written at boarding-school) both religious and secular: hymns, epistles, odes, pastorals (including an imitation of Anne Killigrew and an elegy for Queen Mary ), praise of King William
Literary Setting Edna Lyall
The story revolves around Jacobite plots and persecution of Quakers in the period when Queen Mary II was Regent for her husband, William , during his absences abroad. It introduces actual characters like the former...
Occupation Elizabeth Delaval
Lady Elizabeth Delaval , who as a girl had been an attendant on Catherine of Braganza , applied unsuccessfully to be appointed to wait on Mary, Princess of Orange , the recently-married daughter of the future James II.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
politics Hester Biddle
HB visited Queen Mary and received a pass allowing her to travel to Europe in quest of the French king , and of an end to the Nine Years War.
Rickman, Lydia L. “Esther Biddle and Her Mission to Louis XIV”. Friends Historical Society Journal, Vol.
, pp. 38-45.
politics Joan Whitrow
After Queen Mary died of smallpox, JW was impelled by God to go from Putney, where she lived, to London proper, and call the people to fasting instead of feasting.
McDowell, Paula. The Women of Grub Street: Press, Politics, and Gender in the London Literary Marketplace, 1678-1730. Clarendon.
politics Joan Whitrow
Having apparently been a critic of the Stuart regime on moral and religious grounds, JW was disgusted when the Protestant William and Mary failed to institute reform. O Ye Church and People of England! what...
politics Anne Finch
AF 's husband was arrested, accused of plotting against William and Mary .
McGovern, Barbara. Anne Finch and Her Poetry: A Critical Biography. University of Georgia Press.
politics Anne Finch
He was discharged for lack of evidence seven months later. He remained a Non-Juror: that is, he refused to take the oath of allegiance to the new monarchs, William and Mary, a refusal which would...
politics Susanna Hopton
In the year 1689 SH became a Jacobite. She felt that William and Mary had no right to the English throne, which still belonged in principle to James II . She made herself a strong...
politics Lady Rachel Russell
William and Mary vindicated the memory of LRR 's husband by reversing the attainder on him, six years after he was executed.
Schwoerer, Lois. Lady Rachel Russell: "One of the Best of Women". Johns Hopkins University Press.
Reception Elinor James
Her offence was not only This Being Your Majesty 's Birth-Day (which she had written and printed as well as selling) but any of one of at least eight broadsides this year condemning William and...


7 October 1660: News reached the British royal household...

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7 October 1660

News reached the British royal household of a marriage that was to become dynastically significant: that of the king 's brother (later James II ) with the commoner Anne Hyde , daughter of Lord Clarendon .

15 February 1675: John Crowne's Calisto; or, The Chaste Nimph...

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15 February 1675

John Crowne 's Calisto; or, The Chaste Nimph was performed at Court.

23 October 1677: The marriage of the future monarchs William...

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23 October 1677

The marriage of the future monarchs William and Marywas now declared.

8 November 1688: William of Orange (husband of James II's...

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8 November 1688

William of Orange (husband of James II 's elder daughter, Mary ) landed near Torbay in Devon with a view to gaining control of Britain.

February 1689 to October 1791: The Williamite War was waged in Ireland between...

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February 1689 to October 1791

The Williamite War was waged in Ireland between supporters of the deposed James II (who landed at Kinsale on 12 March 1689 with substantial French forces) and supporters of William of Orange (who had assumed...

13 February 1689: James II having fled the kingdom the previous...

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13 February 1689

James II having fled the kingdom the previous December, and his place been taken by his elder daughter and her husband, they assumed the throne jointly as King William III and Queen Mary II ...

10 May 1689: William and Mary were crowned. Bishop Burnet...

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10 May 1689

William and Mary were crowned. Bishop Burnet preached the coronation sermon.

25 November 1689: The House of Commons accepted the final wording...

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25 November 1689

The House of Commons accepted the final wording of the Revolution Settlement, or what became known as the Bill of Rights, the nearest thing to a British constitution.

28 December 1694: Queen Mary died of smallpox during a severe...

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28 December 1694

Queen Mary died of smallpox during a severe epidemic, leaving her husband, William , to reign alone.

April 1698: Jeremy Collier published his Short View of...

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April 1698

Jeremy Collier published his Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage, a book in heavy-handed pamphlet style with exaggerated typography.


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