Young Ireland


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Family and Intimate relationships George Egerton
Isaac Butt (who undertook the legal defence of members of the Young Ireland movement and was instrumental in establishing Ireland's Home Rule League ) employed Dunne (whom he called a walking encyclopaedia of useless knowledge...
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Sarah Hoey
A member of the Young Ireland party, and later a knight of Malta, John Hoey was also a prominent Irish journalist and was one of the revivers of the Nation in 1849. In November 1861...
Family and Intimate relationships Charlotte Grace O'Brien
Her father, William Smith O'Brien , second son of Sir Edward O'Brien , baronet, was responsible for founding the Irish Confederation in 1847, seceding from the Repeal Association that he had joined in 1843.
Family and Intimate relationships Kate O'Brien
KOB 's grandfather Tom O'Brien was evicted from his small-holding either because of the aftermath of the Corn Laws, or because he had involved himself in the unsuccessful Young Ireland revolt of July 1848. He...
Family and Intimate relationships Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
Some sources claim that before marriage she was caught in a compromising situation with the married Isaac Butt of the Young Ireland movement. Though she spoke highly of him and had a distinct flair for...
Literary responses Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
Jacta Alea Est was much discussed around Dublin and established Elgee's revolutionary reputation in the eyes of the Young Irelanders . Though authorities assumed Duffy was the author, it was generally known in the city's...
Literary Setting Annie Keary
The story takes place against the background of the Great Famine (which is just about to begin when the novel opens, in 1845) and the Young Ireland Rebellion of July 1848. The young Dalys, offspring...
politics Maud Gonne
Since [n]one of the parties in Ireland want women, MG said, I have to work all by my lone, till I can form a woman's organization. First, with help from W. B. Yeats
politics Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
JFLW was no democrat, but an ardent Irish nationalist (as was her future husband). She was deeply discouraged by the failure of the 1848 uprising. She was supportive of the Young Irelanders and published in...
Textual Production Charlotte Grace O'Brien
CGOB published, dedicated to her father , Light and Shade, her novel about the Fenian uprising of March 1867.
This abortive uprising took place in several southern Irish centres including Limerick. CGOB 's...


By June 1831: Giuseppe Mazzini founded the Young Italy...

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By June 1831

Giuseppe Mazzini founded the Young Italymovement.

July 1848: In the shadow of the Great Famine, the Young...

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July 1848

In the shadow of the Great Famine, the Young Irelanders staged a revolt or rebellion against British rule and suffered ignominious defeat.

17 March 1858: The Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) was...

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17 March 1858

The Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) was established on St Patrick's Day in Dublin by James Stephens . It was popularly known for more than a decade as the Fenians. Later this year John O'Mahony


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