John O'Mahony

Standard Name: O'Mahony, John


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Textual Features Katharine Tynan
They show increasing awareness of time and time's passing: in this volume KT expresses regret for having missed, by her absence in England, the last moments of some of her Irish friends' lives. Nearly all...
Textual Production Katharine Tynan
In 1906 KT published two books in commemmoration of loved ones: A Book of Memory: The Birthday Book of the Blessed Dead and A Little Book for John O'Mahony 's Friends, written in memory...


17 March 1858: The Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) was...

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17 March 1858

The Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) was established on St Patrick's Day in Dublin by James Stephens . It was popularly known for more than a decade as the Fenians. Later this year John O'Mahony


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