Isaac Butt

Standard Name: Butt, Isaac


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Family and Intimate relationships George Egerton
Isaac Butt (who undertook the legal defence of members of the Young Ireland movement and was instrumental in establishing Ireland's Home Rule League ) employed Dunne (whom he called a walking encyclopaedia of useless knowledge...
Family and Intimate relationships Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
Some sources claim that before marriage she was caught in a compromising situation with the married Isaac Butt of the Young Ireland movement. Though she spoke highly of him and had a distinct flair for...
Friends, Associates Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
Jane Francesca Wilde developed a close friendship with Sir William Rowan Hamilton , whom she first met at a dinner party held in April 1855. The Wildes' social circle included notable figures from science, politics...
Other Life Event Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
The trial was of national interest and was reported by Irish and English newspapers. The Wildes' friend Isaac Butt worked as counsel for Travers. Ultimately the jury upheld the libel charge but awarded damages of...
Reception Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
At JFLW 's December 1864 libel trial, prosecution lawyer Isaac Butt read passages from the book during his cross-examination, hoping to prove the immorality of both the book and its translator.
Melville, Joy. Mother of Oscar. John Murray.


January 1833: The first issues appeared of two Irish monthly...

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January 1833

The first issues appeared of two Irish monthly periodicals: the successful Dublin University Magazine and the short-lived Dublin University Review, and Quarterly Magazine.

1870: Isaac Butt published the nationalist pamphlet...

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Isaac Butt published the nationalist pamphlet Irish Federalism, and became a leader of the new nationalist movement.

20 February 1874: In the election of this year, Irish Home...

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20 February 1874

In the election of this year, Irish Home Rule candidates increased their parliamentary presence more than tenfold, from five to 59 members.

1877: Charles Stewart Parnell was elected President...

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Charles Stewart Parnell was elected President of the Home Rule Association of Great Britain ; this event signalled the increasing irrelevance of Home Rule leader Isaac Butt .


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