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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Angela Dickens
Elizabeth's father, Mary Angela's other grandfather, Frederick Mullet Evans, co-founded the printing firm Bradbury and Evans , whose innovative use of a steam-driven rotary press brought it clients including the Illustrated London News and...
Publishing Jane Loudon
JL 's last number of The Ladies' Companion: At Home and Abroad appeared: the final issue before the publishers, Bradbury and Evans , forcibly replaced her as editor against her will, with Henry F. Chorley .
Howe, Bea. Lady with Green Fingers. Country Life.
Publishing Jane Loudon
Frederick Mullet Evans , of the printers and publishers Bradbury and Evans , communicated the invitation to JL in late 1849, intending the new paper to address contemporary issues in a style that would appeal...
Publishing Jane Loudon
She had not been in her position long, though, when Evans made her two successive disturbing visits. On the first he told her that her journal's circulation figures were disappointing, and that she would be...
Publishing Charles Dickens
Published in monthly instalments between 30 April 1849 and 31 October 1850 by Bradbury and Evans , it was said by the author to have been his personal favourite among his works.
Sutherland, John. The Stanford Companion to Victorian Fiction. Stanford University Press.
Publishing George Eliot
GE was already at work on her next novel when Adam Bede was published. For the first time, this novel set her at the centre of a kind of bidding war in the book trade....
Textual Production Charles Dickens


1830: William Bradbury and Frederick Mullet Evans...

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William Bradbury and Frederick Mullet Evans went into partnership and established the publishing firm of Bradbury and Evans in London.


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