C. S. Francis


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Publishing Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The English Chapman and Hall edition cost 12s, the United States edition from C. S. Francis , for which he paid the author $100, was $1.
Garrett, Martin. A Browning Chronology: Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning. Macmillan.
Publishing Lydia Maria Child
For publication as a book she was to select among her original newspaper columns. She herself decided to play it safe and omit several anti-slavery pieces; she also thought of omitting two that supported women's...
Reception Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The new edition was not as extensively reviewed as her two previous ones, and passed virtually unremarked in the United States. This was due to a piracy of Poems, 1844, which pre-empted the...


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Child, Lydia Maria. Autumnal Leaves. C. S. Francis, 1857.
Child, Lydia Maria. The Progress of Religious Ideas through Successive Ages. C. S. Francis, 1855.