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Publishing Elizabeth Heyrick
The full title was Observations on the Offensive and Injurious Effect of Corporal Punishment; on the Unequal Administration of Penal Justice; and on the Pre-Eminent Advantages of the Mild and Reformatory over the Vindictive System...
Reception Noel Streatfeild
The book was a runaway success, and earnings from it set NS up for life. She realised the extent of it when she saw that Bumpus ' bookshop had devoted a whole window to displaying...
Textual Production Maria Elizabetha Jacson
Using her initials, M. E. J., as well as authoress of Botanical Dialogues, Maria Jacson , sister of novelist Frances Jacson , issued her third book, Sketches of the Physiology of Vegetable Life...
Textual Production Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck
MAS 's niece and editor Hankin admitted that she did not know the dates of several works by MAS; modern library catalogues supply a few of these. But since she sometimes published anonymously, some of...
Textual Production Joanna Trollope
JT caused a small furore when at Hatchards authors of the year party in London, May 2017, she weighed in on fellow-author J. K. Rowling for assuming celebrity status, for over-exposure on Twitter , and...


28 June 1899: Caroline Lindsay read her pamphlet The Art...

Women writers item

28 June 1899

Caroline Lindsay read her pamphletThe Art of Poetry with Regard to Women Writers to the Women's International Congress for their literary meeting.


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Holford, Margaret. Death-bed Thoughts. Hatchard, 1838.
Wast, Elisabeth. The Christian Servant; or, Spiritual Exercises. Editor Stodhart, Robert, Hatchard, 1831.