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Friends, Associates Margaret Atwood
In 2019 MA let it be known that she had been a personal friend for ten years of Jack Dorsey , CEO of Twitter . Dorsey explained that he was a long-time admirer of her...
Intertextuality and Influence Anne Carson
A bot on Twitter (a robotic program that issues some piece of writing divided into gobbets of 140 characters at a time) was in March 2017 tweeting AC 's translated fragments from Sappho, If Not...
politics J. K. Rowling
She is not slow to take a public political stance. To her 11 million followers on Twitter , she tweeted before the 2016 referendum on Britain's  leaving or remaining within the European Union (Brexit) that...
Publishing Margaret Atwood
In the run-up to publication of another futuristic, dystopian novel, The Year of the Flood, MA took full advantage of the resources for publicity newly offered online through social media like Twitter .
Barber, John. “Margaret Atwood. She blogs, she flogs, she Tweets”. The Globe and Mail, pp. R1 - R2.
Publishing Margaret Atwood
She opened an interactive website on her new book, designed especially for the environmental activists who are many of the book's subjects and hopefully of its readers. Persuaded to have a Twitter feed, she set...
Publishing Margaret Atwood
MA is a leader in the new technologies of writing. She was early on Twitter and by March 2015 had had 698K followers, as well as 178,734 likes on Facebook . She has published (...
Reception Jane Austen
Sequels and prequels have been joined by other kinds of fictional text which claim a boost from Austen's power over readers—even Seth Grahame-Smith 's regrettably reductive Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2009, with a film...
Reception Malorie Blackman
The phrase too many white faces, never used by Blackman but appearing both in the headline and the body of the report, drew on her a torrent of racist abuse, both on the Sky website...
Reception Malorie Blackman
In 2005 MB received the Eleanor Farjeon Award from the British Children's Book Circle for her body of work (then extending over fifteen years). The same year she was awarded the OBE and in 2009...
Reception J. K. Rowling
Unanticipated responses to Harry Potter have included attack from some Christian groups, mostly in the USA, which bizarrely suppose that the books proselytize in favour of magic, which is held to be the work...
Textual Features Gillian Slovo
After the riots have been conjured up with gigantic photos, video footage, and surround sound, the first part of the play is a factual account of what happened on 6 August after a black man...
Textual Production Joanna Trollope
JT caused a small furore when at Hatchards authors of the year party in London, May 2017, she weighed in on fellow-author J. K. Rowling for assuming celebrity status, for over-exposure on Twitter , and...
Textual Production J. K. Rowling
JKR 's identity as author of the detective novel The Cuckoo's Calling was revealed by a Twitter user (through an account which was later deleted) to The Sunday Times.
Goldsmith, Belinda. “How Rowling’s secret identity was revealed”. The Globe and Mail, p. L3.


21 March 2006
Jack Dorsey , inventor of the social networking and microblogging site Twitter , sent the first of its messages or tweets, which are limited to a length of 140 characters.
April 2016
A bot, or Twitter account programmed to issue a piece of writing divided into fragments of 140 characters or less, entitled Sappho @sapphobot, was launched this month and became Twitter's most popular poetry bot (apart from...
15 October 2017
#MeToo began circulating on Twitter , prompted by Alyssa Milano 's tweet asking survivors of sexual assault or harassment to reply with me too.


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