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Cultural formation Annie Besant
Her first object in India was to attend the eighteenth annual convention of the Theosophical Society . She also toured Theosophical branches.
Taylor, Anne. Annie Besant: A Biography. Oxford University Press.
269, 274
Cultural formation Mary Gawthorpe
MG begins her autobiography with her local identity: I was Yorkshire born. My forebears, grandparents maternal and paternal, were all born in Yorkshire, in Leeds so far as I know.
Gawthorpe, Mary. Up Hill to Holloway. Traversity Press.
Born English therefore, she...
Cultural formation Annie Besant
By 1907 she was the president of the Theosophical Society .
Dinnage, Rosemary. Annie Besant. Penguin.
Cultural formation Katharine Bruce Glasier
Katharine Conway, later KBG , was born to an English, white, minister's family, who considering their middle-class status were relatively poor. She was the product of her parents' views on equality of educational opportunities for...
Cultural formation Mona Caird
MC 's mother was German and her father was Scots (as was the man she later married). Both before and after her marriage she belonged to families that were in comfortable financial circumstances: her birth...
Cultural formation Anna Kingsford
AK was elected president of the British Theosophical Society .
Pert, Alan. Red Cactus: The Life of Anna Kingsford. Books and Writers.
Cultural formation Clara Codd
CC joined the French Section of the Theosophical Society . She first attended the Lodge Dharma in Geneva and became interested in the Masters of the Wisdom.
Dixon, Joy. Divine Feminine: Theosophy and Feminism in England. Johns Hopkins University Press.
Codd, Clara. The Way of the Disciple. The Theosophical Publishing House.
The International Theosophical Year Book: 1938. The Theosophical Publishing House.
Cultural formation Anna Kingsford
As an adult, she converted from Anglicanism to Catholicism . She later became a vegetarian, and involved herself with two alternative movements, Spiritualism and Theosophy, before breaking away from the Theosophical Society to form the...
Cultural formation Anna Kingsford
She was recommended to take over as president of the Society by Charles Massey , a past president who had temporarily taken up the position again after the resignation of Dr George Wyld . Once...
Cultural formation Clara Codd
While in Geneva, CC was first exposed to Theosophy. Her neighbour Madame von Pachten brought her to Theosophical Society meetings, one of which was a lecture by Colonel Henry Olcott .
Codd, Clara. So Rich a Life. Caxton Limited.
Cultural formation Anna Kingsford
Theosophical Society member Henry Olcott had suggested that rather splitting the society into two factions, AK should get a charter and create their own society. The Hermetic Society was inaugurated two days after Kingsford's application...
Cultural formation Henrietta Müller
Drawn by its ideals of spiritual and sexual equality, Henrietta Müller joined the TheosophicalSociety and increasingly connected her feminist politics to her spiritual ideals.
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Cultural formation Florence Farr
Having resigned from the Order of the Golden Dawn , FF joined the LondonTheosophical Society .
Johnson, Josephine. Florence Farr: Bernard Shaw’s new woman. Colin Smythe.
Cultural formation Florence Farr
Brought up as an Anglican , she developed in the 1890s a strong interest in eastern mysticism and the occult, and played an active role in the Order of theGolden Dawn and then in the...
Employer Clara Codd
In 1906 CC became the first National Lecturer for the English Section of the Theosophical Society .
The International Theosophical Year Book: 1938. The Theosophical Publishing House.
She had never lectured before and was nervous about her new title. However, she felt she must...


1875: Madame Blavatsky, now in New York, who had...

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Madame Blavatsky , now in New York, who had been a spiritualist medium and claimed first-hand knowledge of Eastern religious practice, founded the Theosophical Society with support from Henry Steele Olcott and William Q. Judge .


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