Henry Steele Olcott

Standard Name: Olcott, Henry Steele


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Cultural formation Clara Codd
While in Geneva, CC was first exposed to Theosophy. Her neighbour Madame von Pachten brought her to Theosophical Society meetings, one of which was a lecture by Colonel Henry Olcott .
Codd, Clara. So Rich a Life. Caxton Limited.
Cultural formation Anna Kingsford
Theosophical Society member Henry Olcott had suggested that rather splitting the society into two factions, AK should get a charter and create their own society. The Hermetic Society was inaugurated two days after Kingsford's application...
Family and Intimate relationships Annie Besant
Stead had previously given her what became a highly influential book for her, Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine. With Henry Steele Olcott , Madame Blavatsky had founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. AB , delighted...
Family and Intimate relationships Clara Codd
CC was never married; however, she believed in past lives in which she had been married many times. In one former life, she believed, Henry Olcott had been her son.
Codd, Clara. So Rich a Life. Caxton Limited.
30, 153
Travel Annie Besant
AB attended the Chicago World's Fair (where other speakers included Susan B. Anthony and Julia Ward Howe ) as Theosophist Henry Steele Olcott 's representative at the Chicago Parliament of Religions.
Taylor, Anne. Annie Besant: A Biography. Oxford University Press.


1875: Madame Blavatsky, now in New York, who had...

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Madame Blavatsky , now in New York, who had been a spiritualist medium and claimed first-hand knowledge of Eastern religious practice, founded the Theosophical Society with support from Henry Steele Olcott and William Q. Judge .


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