Clara Codd

Standard Name: Codd, Clara
Birth Name: Clara Margaret Codd
Used Form: Clara M. Codd
Clara Codd 's career in print spanned fifty years. Beginning in 1916 with her Theosophy for Very Little Children, she was a prolific writer of Theosophical texts. She also wrote poetry and an autobiography. She published for audiences of all ages, her most notable works being her edition of Madame Blavatsky 's The Key to Theosophy, her interpretation of Pataňjali's Yoga Sutras and her autobiography. Her work was rarely reviewed.


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30 October 1909: Rose Lamartine Yates planted a tree in Annie's...

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30 October 1909

Rose Lamartine Yates planted a tree in Annie's Arboretum (named from Annie Kenney ), a commemorative landscape project begun by Emily and Mary Blathwayt at their home, Eagle House at Batheaston, which offered refuge...


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