Lady Anne Clifford

Standard Name: Clifford, Lady Anne
Birth Name: Anne Clifford
Styled: Lady Anne Clifford
Married Name: Lady Anne Sackville
Titled: Lady Anne Sackville, Countess of Dorset
Indexed Name: Lady Anne Herbert
Titled: Lady Anne Herbert, Countess of Pembroke and Montgomery
Titled: Lady Anne Herbert, Baroness Clifford
LAC 's known writings (clustered in two periods: her youth in the early seventeenth century and her old age after the Restoration) consist of diaries, yearly summaries or chronicles, and an autobiography which relates family history, and part of her life.
Clifford, Lady Anne. “Introduction / Annotations / Bibliography”. The Diary of Anne Clifford, 1616-1619, edited by Katherine O. Acheson, Garland, pp. 1 - 37, 133.


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Family and Intimate relationships Lucy Hutchinson
LH 's younger sister, Elizabeth (whom her mother favoured), was left a petticoat of cloth-of-silver by Lady Anne Clifford 's mother the Countess of Cumberland , who was related to them.
Family and Intimate relationships Katherine Parr
KP 's father, Sir Thomas Parr, died on 11 November 1517, while Katherine was still very young. His ancestral home was Kendal Castle in Westmorland (later owned by Lady Anne Clifford ), but he lived...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke
The youngest, Philip (born the day his three-year-old sister died), married Lady Anne Clifford .
Friends, Associates Cicely Bulstrode
CB 's circle of friends included other ladies who wrote: Lady Southwell and Lady Anne Clifford . Lady Bedford (who was said to write but who is more famous as a dedicatee of the works...
Friends, Associates Anne Finch
AF enjoyed personal friendships with a number of distinguished men, among them Bishop Thomas Ken . She valued female friendship very highly; women friends figure prominently in her poetry. Lady Catherine Jones , to whom...
Friends, Associates Katherine Philips
In DublinKP made an important new circle of friends centred on the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, James Butler, Duke of Ormond . They included the politician and playwright Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery (even...
Intertextuality and Influence Cassandra Cooke
Other events follow the ending of the inset tale. Dr Scot is involved in a hush-hush mission with General Monck , facilitating the Restoration of Charles II . The story cannot end until the title...
Literary Setting Cassandra Cooke
The novel opens [t]owards the end of Oliver Cromwell 's usurpation,
Cooke, Cassandra. Battleridge. C. Cawthorn.
1: 1
among the Vesey family of Battleridge Castle (in the north of England, near one of the castles owned by Lady Anne Clifford
Occupation John Donne
The highly literary great ladies of the Renaissance were part of Donne's writing environment. His predecessors in metrical experiment included Mary, Countess of Pembroke . He wrote in praise of her and of minor court...
Occupation John Donne
Once married, with a growing family, Donne worked at various jobs in various capacities for various moneyed men. None of this work was satisfactory in terms either of income or ambition. Very soon after he...
Occupation Aemilia Lanyer
Her biographer Susanne Woods suggests that AL may have been employed to teach music to the countess's daughter, the future diarist Lady Anne Clifford .
Woods, Susanne. Lanyer: A Renaissance Woman Poet. Oxford University Press.
Reception Lucy Hutchinson
Since her tally of works in print began to climb steeply in the 1990s, anthologists Jane Stevenson and Peter Davidson have called LHone of the most important poets, man or woman, of the mid-century...
Textual Features Alice Sutcliffe
After the dedication follow acrostics by AS on the names of her two dedicatees and on that of the Lord Chamberlain, Philip, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery (who was the husband of Lady Anne Clifford
Textual Features Jane Harvey
This too begins like a guidebook. JH quotes Ann Radcliffe , and mentions the celebrated Lady Anne Clifford , the castle's best-known owner.
Harvey, Jane. Brougham Castle. A. K. Newman.
1: 5
Lady Anne died at Brougham, one of the best-loved...
Textual Production Diana Primrose
The full title of this tribute (to a reign which had ended a generation previously) was A Chaine of Pearle; or, a Memorial of the Peerles [sic] Graces and Heroick Vertues of Queen Elizabeth, of...


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