Royal College of Physicians


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Family and Intimate relationships Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
Other relations included her maternal great-grandfather, Dr Thomas Kingsbury, who was President of the Royal College of Physicians and physician to Jonathan Swift . The gothic novelist Charles Robert Maturin , best known for Melmoth...
Occupation Judith Drake
Sloane was president of the College of Physicians . JD was summoned to appear before a college board, and she defended herself with vigour by letter against the accusation that her medicine was poison: as...
politics Sophia Jex-Blake
She aimed to establish credibility for a female medical college by gathering an impressive group of physicians. They included the editor of the British Medical Journal, Ernest Hart , Thomas Henry Huxley , Dr...
Textual Production Bathsua Makin
The Bodleian Library holds poems by BM (not indexed under M); the British Library has a copy of Musa Virginea with a note on the final page in her writing. The Huntington Library has her...
Textual Production Hester Shaw
Sixty midwives participated in this action, though it is not known who wrote the petition. It was presented to the king , the College of Physicians , and the Archbishop of Canterbury .


The College of Physicians was chartered in London, and Thomas Linacre became its first president.
February 1721
Smallpox seemed to go forth like a Destroying Angel in England.
By December 1751
There was published anonymously The Petition of the Unborn Babes to the Censors of the Royal College of Physicians of London.
The Royal College of Physicians made public their official approval of inoculation for smallpox, as introduced to England by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu thirty-three years before.
The College of Surgeons in London received a royal charter and became the Royal College of Surgeons .
1 January 1828
The Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons expanded the requirements for membership to include two courses of lectures on obstretrics.
Early 1859
The Royal College of Physicians made midwifery a required topic for their licence.
Dame Margaret Elizabeth Harvey Turner-Warwick became the first woman elected president of the Royal College of Physicians . She held the post until 1992.


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