Obstetrical Society of London


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Early 1859
3 April 1867
Isaac Baker Brown was expelled from the Obstetrical Society of London for failing to obtain patients' consent for performing clitoridectomies.
The Obstetrical Society of London reported on the activity of midwives.
The Obstetrical Association of Midwives , an autonomous body, precursor to the Royal College of Midwives , was developed to campaign for better standing for female midwives.
The Obstetrical Society of London began offering a three-month course which led to a midwifery diploma.
Early 1872
The Obstetrical Society began registering midwives through an examination and annual licensing system.
A new type of disposable sanitary towels, encouraging greater mobility than diapers, were exhibited by Southall, Barclay, and Company of Birmingham.