Board of Trade


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Employer Elizabeth Jenkins
EJ 's war work was done in the Civil Service , first for the Assistance Board which helped in the settlement of Jewish refugees and then with compensation payments to those whose property had been...
Occupation John Locke
The latter conferred on him a Studentship which could have been a job for life if he had cared to take Holy Orders. He spent some years at the college pursuing his own research and...
Occupation Harriet Shaw Weaver
On 13 June 1913 HSW submitted to the Board of Trade an application to form The New Freewoman Company , with herself, Marsden, Bessie Heyes , and Grace Jardine as its directors. Each director was...
Occupation Harriet Shaw Weaver
HSW was stringent about granting permission to use Joyce's texts (for which the demand was such that the Board of Trade 's paper restrictions often impeded projects to reprint), and insisted that foreign rights should...
politics Emily Davies
The College applied for incorporation as an Association under the Board of Trade in order to establish its legal existence. The document drawn up by the College's Committee professed the College's affiliation with both the...
Publishing Charlotte Grace O'Brien
CGOB 's Pall Mall Gazette article on the realities of emigration from Ireland was instrumental in causing the Board of Trade to investigate the practices of the White Star Line , and to enforce the...
Textual Features Isabella Ormston Ford
Her columns dealt with a number of questions intimately relating to women of a range of social classes both nationally and internationally, including state-regulated prostitution, the struggle for female suffrage, working conditions, and the role...


28 September 1707: The Privy Council turned down a scheme by...

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28 September 1707

The Privy Council turned down a scheme by entrepreneurs including John Breholt for ending piracy by disaffected and allegedly very wealthy British seamen off the island of Madagascar.

17 December 1765: The king's speech in the House of Commons...

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17 December 1765

The king's speech in the House of Commons mentioned that matters of importance had occurred in America and made anodyne promises of diligence and attention.
Thomas, Peter David Garner. British Politics and the Stamp Act Crisis: The First Phase of the American Revolution, 1763-1767. Clarendon.

1823: William Huskisson, as MP for Liverpool and...

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William Huskisson , as MP for Liverpool and President of the Board of Trade , secured the equalization of customs duties in Britain and Ireland, a big step on the road towards free trade.

August 1861: Captain Robert Fitzroy, head of the United...

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August 1861

Captain Robert Fitzroy , head of the United Kingdom's Meteorological Department , began issuing the first routine weather forecasts in Britain.

1893: Clara Collet was appointed to the Board of...

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Clara Collet was appointed to the Board of Trade .

1946: The new under-secretary to the Board of Trade,...

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The new under-secretary to the Board of Trade , Alix Kilroy , became the highest ranking woman civil servant.


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