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Occupation Dora Marsden
In January 1916 Weaver went ahead with the decision to publish Joyce 's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man after gaining Marsden's approval (though she would have continued independently if approval had...
Occupation Harriet Shaw Weaver
On 13 June 1913 HSW submitted to the Board of Trade an application to form The New Freewoman Company , with herself, Marsden, Bessie Heyes , and Grace Jardine as its directors. Each director was...
Occupation Harriet Shaw Weaver
When Marsden considered changing the journal's name, HSW remarked, I quite like your suggestion of The Egoist.
Lidderdale, Jane, and Mary Nicholson. Dear Miss Weaver. Viking.
She then, in December 1913, assembled two shareholders and the directors to vote on the name...


December 1919: The last issue of The Egoist: An Individualist...

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December 1919

The last issue of The Egoist: An Individualist Review was published.


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