Bessie Heyes

Standard Name: Heyes, Bessie


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Occupation Dora Marsden
Funding and other support for the fledgling New Freewoman had been organized via the New Freewoman Company Ltd , the directors of which were Weaver, Marsden, Grace Jardine , and Bessie Heyes . Through it...
Occupation Harriet Shaw Weaver
On 13 June 1913 HSW submitted to the Board of Trade an application to form The New Freewoman Company , with herself, Marsden, Bessie Heyes , and Grace Jardine as its directors. Each director was...
Publishing Dora Marsden
Plans were afoot to relaunch The Freewoman shortly after it collapsed in its first form. When Marsden retreated to Southport for health reasons, Rebecca West acted as liaison between her and supporters in the Freewoman Discussion Circle
Textual Production Dora Marsden
In the last issue of The New Freewoman, Pound , Aldington , Huntley Carter , Allen Upward , and Reginald Kauffman published an open letter beginning, We, the undersigned men of letters who are...


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