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Occupation Harriet Shaw Weaver
In August 1921, while she waited for Ulysses' appearance, HSW obtained the rights to all of Joyce 's publications: Chamber Music from Elkin Mathews , and Dubliners and Exiles from Grant Richards . Joyce...
Publishing Helen Bannerman
She wrote out the tale (presumably in a version much condensed from its telling on the road) in a small volume, with her own watercolour pictures facing each page of print. A friend took this...
Publishing Vera Brittain
The Dark Tide was rejected by more than a dozen publishers; Grant Richards agreed to publish it provided that VB subsidized the cost of printing (she paid £50). It was never reprinted The many rejections...
Publishing Ella Hepworth Dixon
The stories in this volume had previously appeared in journals such as The World, Yellow Book, Lady's Pictorial, and the Pall Mall Magazine.
Dixon, Ella Hepworth. The Story of a Modern Woman. Editor Farmer, Steve, Broadview.
EHD had had a volume of stories...
Publishing Eliza Fenwick
At the end of the nineteenth century EF underwent a brief rediscovery as a children's author. E. V. Lucas wrote the introduction for a volume of her stories under the title The Bad Family...
Publishing George Paston
She continued to use this pseudonym for all her publications. The volume received scant attention until it was reissued by Grant Richards in London and by Dutton in New York in 1902, in the wake...
Textual Features Ménie Muriel Dowie
This mixed-genre book, published by Grant Richards , maintains coherence through its subject-matter, narration, and theme, though its pages mingle fiction, descriptive prose, poetry, and character sketches with advice about gardening. All aspects of the...
Textual Production Anna Wickham
AW published a third volume of poetry, The Man with a Hammer, with Grant Richards in London.
Wickham, Anna, and James Hepburn. The Writings of Anna Wickham, Free Woman and Poet. Editor Smith, Reginald Donald, Virago Press.
Wickham, Anna. The Man with a Hammer. Grant Richards.
Textual Production Laurence Alma-Tadema
LAT collected some of her poetry in a volume entitled Songs of Womanhood, published (like her previous volume) by Grant Richards .
British Library Catalogue.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
69 (3 May 1903):143
Textual Production Emma Frances Brooke
This impressive work was published with Grant Richards . The tabulation compiles and organizes an immense amount of statistical information in order to provide to the reader a convenient book of reference.
Brooke, Emma Frances. A Tabulation of the Factory Laws of European Countries. Grant Richards.
In her...
Textual Production A. E. Housman
He wrote most of these poems very rapidly in the first five months of 1895, originally planning to use the pseudonym Terence Hearsay. Macmillan had rejected the book before Kegan Paul accepted it. The...
Textual Production Ada Leverson
AL published her first novel, The Twelfth Hour: for all her novels the publisher was Grant Richards .Grant Richards
Burkhart, Charles. Ada Leverson. Twayne.
Speedie, Julie. Wonderful Sphinx: The Biography of Ada Leverson. Virago.
Textual Production Marie Belloc Lowndes
The earliest novel by MBL was The Philosophy of the Marquise, published by Grant Richards . She forgot to mention this title in How I Began My Writing Life, where she claims The...


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Benson, Theodora, and Betty Askwith. Lobster Quadrille. Grant Richards, 1930.
Boyd, Ernest. Ireland’s Literary Renaissance. Grant Richards, 1922.
Brittain, Vera. Not Without Honour. Grant Richards, 1924.
Brittain, Vera. The Dark Tide. Grant Richards, 1923.
Brooke, Emma Frances. A Tabulation of the Factory Laws of European Countries. Grant Richards, 1898.
Chant, Laura Ormiston. Sellcuts’ Manager. Grant Richards, 1899.
Clerke, Ellen Mary. Fable and Song in Italy. Grant Richards, 1899.
Dempster, Charlotte. The Manners of My Time. Editor Knox, Alice, Grant Richards, 1920.
Dowie, Ménie Muriel. Things about our Neighbourhood. Grant Richards, 1903.
Ellis, Stewart Marsh. George Meredith: His Life and Friends in Relation to His Work. Grant Richards, 1920.
Housman, A. E. Last Poems. Grant Richards, 1922.
Joyce, James. Dubliners. Grant Richards, 1914.
Joyce, James. Exiles. Grant Richards, 1918.
King, Harriet Hamilton. The Hours of the Passion and Other Poems. Grant Richards, 1902.
Lawrence, Margery. Songs of Childhood, and Other Verses. Grant Richards, 1913.
Paston, George. Mrs. Delany (Mary Granville): A Memoir, 1700-1788. Grant Richards, 1900.
Shore, Arabella. First and Last Poems. Grant Richards, 1900.
Shore, Arabella, and Louisa Catherine Shore. Poems by A. and L. Grant Richards, 1897.
Shore, Louisa Catherine. Hannibal. Grant Richards, 1898.
Tynan, Katharine. The Wind in the Trees. Grant Richards, 1898.
Wickham, Anna. The Man with a Hammer. Grant Richards, 1916.