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Publishing Anne Ridler
AR published her first Selected Poems with Macmillan in New York.
Backscheider, Paula R., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 27. Gale Research.
27: 301
Publishing Dorothy Whipple
She felt at first incapable of writing about herself as a child. I don't know how to write with simplicity and still get some guts into it. She tried to cry off her promise, but...
Publishing Ann Bridge
Ann Bridge published Portrait of My Mother; the US edition, issued by Macmillan of New York (with the copyright registered to Mary Anne O'Malley), was A Family of Two Worlds, A Portrait of Her Mother.
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
Bridge, Ann. A Family of Two Worlds. Macmillan.
Reception Ethel Wilson
John Gray attempted to persuade the New York division of Macmillan to publish the two novellas together in an American edition, but the company thought that two novellas had even less of a market than...
Reception Ann Bridge
AB 's US agent, A. D. Peters , read this book with dismay, seeing it as anti-American. Sure enough, it was turned down by the Atlantic Monthly Press as being full of British anti-American cracks...
Textual Production Dorothy Whipple
She had the idea for this book about a country house family, requiring detailed knowledge of cricket, while sitting in the hot sun shortly after her previous novel appeared. The new idea made her pulse...
Textual Production Phyllis Bentley
PB published a number of short non-fiction books. Here is America, 1941, is a geographical and historical 63-page introduction designed for British people during the second world war who were interested in the USA...
Textual Production A. E. Housman
He wrote most of these poems very rapidly in the first five months of 1895, originally planning to use the pseudonym Terence Hearsay. Macmillan had rejected the book before Kegan Paul accepted it. The...


1863: Publisher Alexander Macmillan moved the publishing...

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Publisher Alexander Macmillan moved the publishing firm founded by his late brother Daniel from Cambridge to London (where he had opened a branch in 1858).


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