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death Emmeline Pankhurst
A statue in her honour was unveiled in Victoria Tower Gardens on 6 March 1930; Dame Ethel Smyth conducted The March of the Women at the ceremony. A portrait done by Georgina Brackenbury hangs in...
Family and Intimate relationships Amelia Opie
This was John Opie's second marriage; his first wife had deserted him and their marriage had been dissolved by act of parliament. The second marriage remained childless. John Opie had been enjoying professional success in...
Family and Intimate relationships Florence Marryat
Herbert McPherson , whom her will calls a friend and companion during many years of unbroken affection, remains a mystery in FM 's life.
Neisius, Jean Gano. Acting the Role of Romance: Text and Subtext in the Work of Florence Marryat. Texas Christian University.
The National Portrait Gallery in London holds one engraving...
Family and Intimate relationships Iris Tree
IT married American painter and avant-garde photographer Curtis Moffat .
Six portraits by Curtis Moffat hang in the National Portrait Gallery , London, some of which he created in collaboration with Olivia Wyndham . The...
Family and Intimate relationships Linda Villari
The National Portrait Gallery has an albumen print (an early photo) of Vincenzo Mazini taken in London nine months before his wedding.
“Collections”. National Portrait Gallery.
Linda Mazini (later LV ) gave birth to her first daughter, Costanza Maria Orsola Mazini
Friends, Associates Lady Colin Campbell
Considered déclassée by high society, LCC found her way into more liberal, artistic circles. She associated with the artist Whistler (who painted a portrait, now lost) and with writers George Bernard Shaw and Henry James
Intertextuality and Influence Josephine Tey
Through an innovative blend of historical scholarship and detective fiction, the novel exonerates Richard III for the murder of the little Princes in the Tower, pinning the crime on Henry VII . JT 's...
Leisure and Society Iris Murdoch
The painter Marie-Louise von Motesiczky did a portrait of IM in 1964, commissioned by St Anne's College . Years later Tom Phillips painted her for the National Portrait Gallery , posed in front of Titian
Leisure and Society Jane Collier
JC may have had her portrait painted. A mezzotint by J. Faber, Jr , now in the National Portrait Gallery , has been identified as her, but on very inadequate evidence.
Leisure and Society Mary Delany
As an old lady MD had her portrait painted by John Opie (now at the National Portrait Gallery ).
Leisure and Society Amelia B. Edwards
In Rome on her way to Egypt, ABE was sculpted in marble by Percival Ball . The sculpture is now in the National Portrait Gallery in London.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Leisure and Society George Eliot
Exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1867 and now in the National Portrait Gallery , this was said by those who knew GE to be the best likeness of her.
Ashton, Rosemary. George Eliot: A Life. Hamish Hamilton.
Haight, Gordon S. George Eliot: A Biography. Oxford University Press.
The portrait may...
Leisure and Society Millicent Garrett Fawcett
MGF was painted several times. The National Portrait Gallery has a portrait of her and her husband by Ford Madox Brown , commissioned by family friend and politician Sir Charles Dilke and painted in 1874...
Leisure and Society Hester Lynch Piozzi
The National Portrait Gallery lists twelve portraits of HLP , dated 1781 to 1811 (though some of these derive from each other and a couple are conversation-piece prints). Sir Joshua Reynolds painted her with her...
Leisure and Society Anne Finch
AF was painted in a miniature by Peter Cross (now in the National Portrait Gallery ) round about 1690. She left another, later miniature of her by Zincke in her will to Lady Hertford ...


1770 or 1771: Scottish painter George Romney did a portrait...

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1770 or 1771

Scottish painter George Romney did a portrait of English painter Mary Moser which shows her using the medium of oils, mark of the professional rather than the amateur.

1856: The National Portrait Gallery was founded,...

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The National Portrait Gallery was founded, largely through the advocacy of Lord Stanhope , who was president of the Society of Arts at the time.

1857: The Department of Practical Art constructed...

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The Department of Practical Art constructed a facility on eighty-seven acres of land in South Kensington.

By February 1984: The National Portrait Gallery in London recognised...

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By February 1984

The National Portrait Gallery in London recognised the historical character of the contemporary century by opening new Twentieth Century Galleries, devoted to that period exclusively.

9 December 2006-17 July 2007: The National Portrait Gallery in London mounted...

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9 December 2006-17 July 2007

The National Portrait Gallery in London mounted an exhibition of photographs of women writers, mostly novelists, from 1920 to 1960.

13 March 2008: The National Portrait Gallery in London opened...

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13 March 2008

The National Portrait Gallery in London opened an exhibition entitled Brilliant Women, featuring paintings and rarely seen portraits, satirical prints and personal artefacts of the Bluestocking Circle.


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