Mary Stott

Standard Name: Stott, Mary
Birth Name: Charlotte Mary Waddington
Married Name: Charlotte Mary Stott
Pseudonym: Jacques
Styled: C. M. Waddington
Styled: C. M. W.
Used Form: Mary Peirce
MS is best known as a later twentieth-century feminist journalist and specifically as editor of The Guardian women's page. She is also worthy of notice for her own various non-fiction writing, in essays, monographs, and her two volumes of autobiography, about all kinds of political and cultural subjects, particularly those bearing on the status of women.


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Occupation Margaret Drabble
She had decided while at school that she was going to be an actress. In Stratford both she and Clive Swift acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company under Peter Hall , who was setting out...
politics Margaret Drabble
She also remembered the rise of feminism: the books by Doris Lessing , Sylvia Plath , Nell Dunn , and Edna O'Brienthat would irreversibly affect women's destiny, and the pioneering of feminist journalism by Mary Stott .
Drabble, Margaret. “1960s”. The Guardian, pp. Weekend 25 - 31.
Publishing Eva Figes
After publishing her first two novels she began writing journalism for the Guardian's women's page, then edited by Mary Stott . She covered such consciousness-raising topics as equal pay.
British Books in Print. J. Whitaker and Sons.
Kenyon, Olga. Women Writers Talk. Interviews with 10 women writers. Lennard Publishing.
Textual Features Michelene Wandor


May 1922: Madeline Linford launched the Manchester...

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May 1922

Madeline Linford launched the Manchester Guardianwomen's page, which she produced on her own, with no editorial assistant. It was temporarily suspended during the Second World War.

22 November 1955-17 October 1960: The News Chronicle (founded in 1930) ran...

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22 November 1955-17 October 1960

The News Chronicle (founded in 1930) ran as the News Chronicle and Daily Dispatch before finally merging with the Daily Mail.

8 March 1971: International Women's Day was marked by the...

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8 March 1971

International Women's Day was marked by the largest demonstration of women in London since the days of the suffrage struggle.

1986: June Hemer and Ann Stanyer edited Survival...

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June Hemer and Ann Stanyer edited Survival Guide for Widows, which collected women's personal experiences of widowhood, including a contribution from Mary Stott (whose husband died suddenly twenty years before this).


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