Anne Damer

Standard Name: Damer, Anne
Birth Name: Anne Seymour Conway
Married Name: Anne Damer
AD , who won high critical praise as a sculptor, also wrote poetry and kept journals. She left one definitely and one possibly identified novels, and a series of linked fictional pieces, all published in the early nineteenth century.


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Family and Intimate relationships Lady Charlotte Bury
Another first cousin was novelist and sculptor Anne Damer .
Friends, Associates Isabella Kelly
Her friends or perhaps patrons included General Henry Seymour Conway (father of the writer-sculptor Anne Damer ) and his whole family.
Kelly, Isabella. A Collection of Poems and Fables. Richardson.
Matthew Lewis (though given his general view of fiction by women he may...
Friends, Associates Maria Callcott
In Richmond and elsewhere MC met emigrés fleeing the French Revolution. She also met a number of women who wrote: Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire , Mary and Agnes Berry , and Anne Damer . In...
Performance of text Joanna Baillie
JB wrote an epilogue to a play by Anne Damer , which was spoken by Damer at a performance of her work at Strawberry Hill.
Baillie, Joanna. “Editorial Materials”. The Collected Letters of Joanna Baillie, edited by Judith Bailey Slagle, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, pp. ix - xiv, 1.
Publishing Elizabeth Hands
The advertisement for the book in print, like the pre-notification, was carried by Jopson's Coventry Mercury. The volume was dedicated to the dramatist Bertie Greatheed . It was issued in two forms: ordinary copies...
Publishing Eliza Parsons
She gave her name as Mrs. Parsons on the title-page and signed the dedication with both her names.
Garside, Peter et al., editors. The English Novel 1770-1829. Oxford University Press.
1: 512
A title-page epigraph reads: Brutus said Virtue was but a name—tis more. ....
Publishing Regina Maria Roche
The work bears a dedication, dated at London on 10 April 1828, to Princess Augusta Sophia .
Garside, Peter et al., editors. The English Novel 1770-1829. Oxford University Press.
2: 671
In her preface RMR , unusually, says something about herself, and the financial and emotional problems...
Publishing Hannah Brand
It was printed at Norwich and sold through London publishers. The subscription list was impressive, including Anna Letitia Barbauld , John Brand (presumably HB 's brother) of Hemingston Hall in Suffolk, who took twenty copies...
Publishing Helen Maria Williams
The Poems were in two volumes, with HMW 's name in full, published by Rivington and Marshall , with an engraved frontispiece drawn by Maria Cosway . Subscribers included the Prince of Wales (whose name...
Textual Features Susan Ferrier
This novel, begun with the declared aim of warning young women against elopement, sets out to examine the ingredients, both moral and economic, of happy and unhappy marriages. SF sees her topic as useful for...
Textual Features Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
All the mock eclogues (written, like most of Montagu's more ambitious poetry, in heroic couplets with the occasional triplet) target actual individuals and refer to events which were gossip of the day. Monday, Wednesday...
Textual Features Hannah Cowley
A prologue complains that true comedy is being driven from the stage by farce and slapstick. The plot turns on the manoevres by which the despicable Fancourt seeks to swindle a provincial worthy, Sir Robert...
Textual Features Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
The Sylph of the title is the secret, unidentified adviser of the heroine, Julia, Lady Stanley (who before her marriage was a naive country girl), during her not always successful struggles to live morally amid...
Textual Production Lucy Hutchinson
The editor of the first, lavishly-produced edition of this history recommended it particularly to female readers, as more entertaining than most novels. He also silently cut from it about 9,000 words, besides tinkering with the...
Textual Production Mary Seymour Montague
It is likely though not absolutely certain that the author was really female. Her pseudonym suggests Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (who had died nine years earlier, and whom this poem praises as the only woman...


1 April 1789: Hester Lynch Piozzi (a propos reports about...

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1 April 1789

Hester Lynch Piozzi (a propos reports about Marie Antoinette ) indignantly recorded what she presents as if it was her first encounter with lesbianism.


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