Edward Garnett

Standard Name: Garnett, Edward


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Dedications D. H. Lawrence
The book's editor, Edward Garnett , stripped it of much of its sexual language. DHL had mixed feelings about Garnett's editorial interventions (Garnett cut down the manuscript by more than 2000 words), but ultimately Lawrence...
Family and Intimate relationships Constance Garnett
Constance Black and Edward Garnett were married at the register office in Brighton.
Heilbrun, Carolyn. The Garnett Family. Allen and Unwin.
Garnett, Richard. Constance Garnett: A Heroic Life. Sinclair-Stevenson.
Family and Intimate relationships Constance Garnett
CG 's sister Clementina frequently studied at the British Museum and there became acquainted with Richard Garnett , superintendent of the Reading Room. She introduced Constance to Garnett's son Edward , who was a reader...
Family and Intimate relationships Olivia Manning
As a very young woman OM began an affair with the charistmatic Hamish Miles (Edward Garnett 's assistant at the publishing firm of Jonathan Cape , and editor of a little magazine). He was...
Friends, Associates Clementina Black
During the 1880s CB studied privately at the library of the British Museum . At this time, Richard Garnett was the superintendent of the Reading Room. She became friends with him and his family, and...
Literary responses Constance Garnett
Yet her translations created an amazing legacy. D. H. Lawrence , a friend of her husband 's, compared the couple's writing styles in these terms: Edward would rack his brain and suffer while his wife,...
Literary responses Olivia Manning
Edward Garnett , the reader for Cape , thought he had not seen such an impressive novel as this second one since D. H. Lawrence 's The White Peacock. It was to discuss this...
Material Conditions of Writing Dorothy Richardson
While she was working on this novel, her husband Alan Odle was preparing for a show of his drawings and book illustrations. Both of these projects necessitated their spending the winter in London, and...
Publishing Jean Rhys
She wrote the stories with Ford's encouragement, and he sent them to an agent in London. He also recommended her work to publisher's reader Edward Garnett , and wrote a lengthy introduction to the book.
Angier, Carole. Jean Rhys: Life and Work. Little, Brown.
Publishing Dorothy Richardson
When she finished the novel early in 1913, she showed it to Jack Beresford and a publisher. Neither of them was enthusiastic, so the manuscript was stored for some time. In January 1915, Beresford suggested...
Publishing Virginia Woolf
VW submitted the completed manuscript of her first novel, The Voyage Out, to her half-brother Gerald Duckworth , who, on the advice of Edward Garnett , accepted it for publication on 12 April.
Bell, Quentin. Virginia Woolf: A Biography. Hogarth Press.
2: 10-11
Publishing John Oliver Hobbes
She had first approached Macmillan to publish the book, but they wanted the title changed and the last chapter revised. Hobbes refused, and approached Unwin's , which (on the advice of its reader, Edward Garnett
Publishing Naomi Mitchison
She had finished this book, and her publisher had read it by 1933. She argued for months over its acceptability with her usual publishers, Jonathan Cape (who had been fined for publishing Radclyffe Hall 's...
Publishing E. Nesbit
Biographer Julia Briggs believes that the original story was stimulated by EN 's writing about her own schooldays for the Girls' Own Paper.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
The composite book of tales appeared in instalments in The Windsor...
Residence Constance Garnett
The Cearne was a mock-ancient house, half a mile from the nearest road, without electricity or an indoor toilet. Electricity was installed in 1929.
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20, 22
CG continued to live there until her death, alone...


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Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, and Edward Garnett. The Tales of Tchehov. Translator Garnett, Constance, Chatto and Windus, 1922.