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Characters Fay Weldon
The semi-autobiographical, symbolically-named Scarlet is an unmarried mother in the 1950s, just as FW was. Scarlet's friend Jocelyn, another persona for Weldon (based on her experiences in the Foreign Office ), is the first-person, reminiscent...
Employer Antonia White
AW worked in the Political Intelligence Department (French Section) of the Foreign Office .
Dunn, Jane. Antonia White: A Life. Jonathan Cape, 1998.
275, 278
Who Was Who. A. and C. Black, 1897.
Employer Antonia White
AW took sick leave from her intelligence job with the Foreign Office ; she never went back.
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Chitty, Susan. Now To My Mother. Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1985.
Employer Mary Agnes Hamilton
During these years, beginning in the Second World War, she worked in the Ministry of Information (where she became head of the American section), the Committee of Ministers for Reconstruction (from spring 1941), the Ministry...
Employer Muriel Spark
MS began on a top-secret job: writing anti-Nazi propaganda for MI6 , the Political Intelligence Department of the British Foreign Office .
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Employer Muriel Spark
After her intelligence work came a succession of temporary office jobs: for a different branch of the Foreign Office , for a tea company, and for the American Red Cross .
Stannard, Martin. Muriel Spark. The Biography. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2009.
Employer Joanna Trollope
JT worked for the Foreign Office for two years from 1965. Her work there concerned China's relations with African and other Third World countries.
Joanna Trollope. The official website of Joanna Trollope OBE.,
She then became a teacher. She has taught English literature...
Employer Fay Weldon
She progressed from her former casual jobs to being a temporary assistant clerk on the Polish desk of the Information Research Department at the Foreign Office at six pounds a week. This was a Cold...
Family and Intimate relationships Ann Bridge
Mary Sanders (later AB ) married Owen O'Malley (a member of the British Foreign Office and as he put it himself an autocthonous Irishman,
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
(17 April 1974): 16
later knighted) at St Mark's Church...
Family and Intimate relationships Antonia White
This was three months after the annulment of AW 's first marriage came through. Eric had a job with the Foreign Office .
Dunn, Jane. Antonia White: A Life. Jonathan Cape, 1998.
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They were married for five years, successfully, without any sexual...
Family and Intimate relationships Ann Bridge
In 1928 Owen O'Malley , with other members of the foreign service, was accused of speculating in francs: what became known as the francs case. His Times obituary suggested that he would have been...
Family and Intimate relationships Vita Sackville-West
He had been offered either Teheran or Peking (now Beijing).
Glendinning, Victoria. Vita. Penguin, 1984.
He resigned from his Foreign Office employment in the summer of 1929 in favour of the editorship of the London Evening Standard. Later...
Literary responses Ann Bridge
A British Foreign Office official warned that what he called the uniform unpleasantness of the Spanish characters (which was news to her: was he responding to the fact that people behave badly in extreme circumstances?)...
Residence Ann Bridge
After AB 's husband retired from the Foreign Office they settled, not at first in England but in Ireland: at Rockfleet Castle in Mayo, which they had bought as only a Regency ruin
Bridge, Ann. Facts and Fictions. Chatto and Windus, 1968.
in 1938.
Textual Features Ann Bridge
Julia's husband, Philip, has died in mysterious circumstances in Soviet Central Asia (possibly Afghanistan), a place of stray bullets and booby-traps, while on a mission for the British Intelligence Service (a branch of the...


21 September 1809
The political rivals Canning of the British Foreign Office and Castlereagh , who was about to be removed from the War Office , fought a dawn duel on Putney Heath south of London.
Late October 1924
A letter inciting Britons to revolution, purportedly written by Grigori Evseyevich Zinoviev and sent from the Third International to the small British Communist Party , was obtained by and published in the British press.
13 April 1943
Berlin Radio reported that German soldiers had found 4,500 executed Polish officers buried at Katyn near Smolensk.
January 1966
The British government took the decision to deport the inhabitants of the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. The same year they leased the land to the USA as an air base...
May 2003
Valerie Amos became Britain's first black woman Cabinet minister, following the resignation from Tony Blair 's Labour Cabinet of Clare Short .


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