Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh

Standard Name: Castlereagh, Robert Stewart,,, Viscount
Used Form: Lord Castlereagh


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Friends, Associates Lady Eleanor Butler
Among their many visitors (apart from the local gentry, with whom they duly established links), close friends included Anna Seward , Henrietta Maria Bowdler (who wrote mock-flirtatiously of LEB as her veillard [sic] or old...
Friends, Associates Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
They had houses, or mansions, in Tyrone, in Scotland, and at Stanmore Priory near London; they treated the celebrated writer as a kind of household pet, even making fun of her nationalist...
Material Conditions of Writing Percy Bysshe Shelley
Elizabeth had also collaborated on Percy's earliest book of verse. Finnerty had been tried in February for libelling Castlereagh . He was imprisoned, and was supported by distinguished Whigs when he petitioned parliament in June...
Publishing Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
She wrote it while a member of the Marquess of Abercorn ''s household, where she read it aloud in the evenings to less than informed criticism. As before, she and Phillips could not agree on...


21 September 1809: The political rivals Canning of the British...

National or international item

21 September 1809

The political rivals Canning of the British Foreign Office and Castlereagh , who was about to be removed from the War Office , fought a dawn duel on Putney Heath south of London.

23 February 1820: In the Cato Street Conspiracy, a group of...

Building item

23 February 1820

In the Cato Street Conspiracy, a group of revolutionaries picked this day to assassinate members of the Cabinet at a private dinner; the plot failed.

After July 1822: The Bishop of Clogher was arrested for sexual...

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After July 1822

The Bishop of Clogher was arrested for sexual involvement (sodomy) with a guardsman.

12 August 1822: The new Marquess of Londonderry, better known...

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12 August 1822

The new Marquess of Londonderry, better known as Viscount Castlereagh , killed himself: he was seen as the political author of Wellington 's victories and of repressive policies at home.


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