Ministry of Information


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Employer Arnold Bennett
AB was appointed first director of British propaganda in France. By the end of September he became director of propaganda for the Ministry of Information , an unpaid position reporting directly to Lord Beaverbrook .
Drabble, Margaret. Arnold Bennett: A Biography. Weidenfeld and Nicolson.
233-4, 237
Employer Mary Agnes Hamilton
During these years, beginning in the Second World War, she worked in the Ministry of Information (where she became head of the American section), the Committee of Ministers for Reconstruction (from spring 1941), the Ministry...
Employer Naomi Jacob
NJ went to work, displaying the energy of five women,
Bailey, Paul. Three Queer Lives: An Alternative Biography of Fred Barnes, Naomi Jacob and Arthur Marshall. Hamish Hamilton (Penguin).
as a Second World War lecturer with the Ministry of Information , awelfare supervisor with ENSA, the Entertainments National Service Association , and a...
Friends, Associates Mary Agnes Hamilton
Working for the Ministry of Information during World War Two, she became friendly with the distinguished novelistPhyllis Bentley ,
Hamilton, Mary Agnes. Up-Hill All the Way. Cape.
whose warmth and strength of feeling she found attractive if sometimes hard on herself...
Publishing Dorothy Whipple
DW 's first story written at and about Barton Seagrave, the place to which she and her husband retired, was about a pretty girl she had watched from her window coping lightly with marriage...
Residence Jan Struther
She had deeply mixed motives for this journey. Her American publishers wanted her there for the US publication of Mrs. Miniver. Her husband wanted her to take their two younger children to safety with...
Textual Production Arnold Bennett
AB 's novel Lord Raingo created a commotion because the characters were based on real people in the Ministry of Information run by the War Office .
Staley, Thomas F., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 34. Gale Research.
Williams, Orlo. “New Novels: Lord Raingo”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 1289, p. 694.
Textual Production Agatha Christie
In 1945 AC was invited by the Ministry of Information to write an essay on the English detective novel, as part of a campaign to promote English cultural institutions and the national way of life...


19 May 1940: Winston Churchill made his first BBC radio...

National or international item

19 May 1940

Winston Churchill made his first BBC radio broadcast as wartime coalition Prime Minister.

August 1940: A Ministry of Information pamphlet appeared...

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August 1940

A Ministry of Information pamphlet appeared under the title Loss of Eden. A Cautionary Tale. Re-issued in 1941 more openly called If Hitler Comes, it dealt with the possible scenario of successful Nazi


Hamilton, Mary Agnes. La Démocratie anglaise en guerre. Ministry of Information, 1945.