George Frederick Handel

Standard Name: Handel, George Frederick
Used Form: George Frideric Handel


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Characters Jeanette Winterson
The novel's three apparently unconnected characters are breast surgeon Handel (erstwhile boy chorister, castrato, and Catholic priest; not the same as yet reminiscent of George Frederick Handel ), Picasso (a young woman whose family opposes...
Education Anna Eliza Bray
Her father taught her music and she had the privilege of learning to play on a family treasure, a spinet originally belonging to Handel .
Bray, Anna Eliza. Autobiography of Anna Eliza Bray. Kempe, John A.Editor , Chapman and Hall, 1884.
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Savage
He had been organist at the parish church of Finchley, and had sung in Handel 's operas and oratorios. His new position meant the choirboys lodged in his house. William got excellent results from his...
Intertextuality and Influence Agnes Maule Machar
Roland Graeme, Knight incorporates wide-ranging allusions to figures such as Goethe , Dickens , Browning , Ruskin , Thoreau , Tennyson , Carlyle , and Handel . Critic Carole Gerson compares it to earlier nineteenth-century...
Intertextuality and Influence Caroline Norton
Juanita sounds overtly like a conventional song of love-longing, but a musical allusion to Handel 'opera Rinaldo (the aria Lascia ch'io pianga) invokes the idea of a woman imprisoned and suffering.
Swafford, Joanna. Songs of the Victorians. An Archive.
Intertextuality and Influence Patricia Beer
This poem's subject is the love-affair of Semele with Jove. Semele wished to see Jove in his true, not assumed form; when he complied and appeared as godhead she was burned to death in his...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Tollet
Sir Tanfield Leman in the Monthly Review approached this volume with some gendered condescension (which may be the explanation for his finding ET by implication excessively serious). He pronounced that she was not in the...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Julia Young
The title-page has two epigraphs. The first begins with two lines from Milton 's Il Penseroso (perhaps alluding to its musical setting by Handel ), which go on to link the nightingale with Anna...
Leisure and Society Frances Ridley Havergal
FRH could play much of Handel , Beethoven , and Mendelssohn from memory, and her powers as a solo singer were very much in request in the Philharmonic Society at Kidderminster.
Enock, Esther E. Frances Ridley Havergal. Pickering and Inglis, 1928.
She lived...
Occupation Mary Delany
MD was still playing the harpsichord (performing for friends in private) until well into her eighties.
Linney, Verna. “A Passion for Art, a Passion for Botany: Mary Delany and her Floral ’Mosaiks’”. Eighteenth-Century Women: Studies in their Lives, Work, and Culture, edited by Linda V. Troost, pp. 203 - 35.
She was a patron of Handel ,
Hayden, Ruth. Mrs. Delany: Her Life and Her Flowers. British Museum, 1986.
and she tried to encourage Irish manufacture against competition from...
Occupation Caroline Herschel
CH made her first appearance as a professional singer (her brother William conducting), at the Upper Assembly Rooms at Bath in Handel 's oratorio Judas Maccabeus.
Brock, Claire. The Comet Sweeper: Caroline Herschel’s astronomical ambition. Thriplow, 2007.
Occupation Caroline Herschel
Her career in this field began strongly, although copying music for her brother made it hard for her to find practising time. By 1778 she had become the lead singer in public concerts at the...
Occupation Adelaide Kemble
AK , aged nineteen, sang professionally for the first time, in a concert featuring music by Handel ; she was too nervous to do herself justice.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Textual Features Mary Whateley Darwall
In this pastoral elegy the poet links the dead woman with the famous dead: writers, thinkers and artists, Newton , Milton , Thomson , Lely , and Handel .
Textual Features Mary Lamb
Charles , she observes (echoing a published confession of his own), has no ear. For him to voice criticism of Handel or of the gamut is ridiculous: he does not know what he is talking...


2 April 1720
Handel and the Royal Academy of Music opened the first season of Italian opera in several years at the Haymarket . The Royal Academy of Music continued offering opera there until 1728.
13 April 1742
The Messiah, an oratorio by George Frederic Handel , premiered at the Old Fishamble Street Music Hall in Dublin; following a public rehearsal the day before, the crowded opening was a triumph.
21 April 1749
Handel 's Music for the Royal Fireworks was first heard; its audience was one of all classes at Vauxhall Gardens, London.
Shortly before 20 April 1759
George Frederick Handel died after spending the best years of his career in England, specialising first in Italian opera, then in oratorio.
A group of upper-class men founded the Concert of Antient Music , to put on performances of Purcell , Handel (who was by now out of fashion), and seventeenth-century Italian composers.
26-29 May 1784
The first Handel Commemmoration Concert marked the centenary of his birth: three immensely popular charity performances were given at Westminster Abbey and the Pantheon .
At a Salisbury music festival, a concert in the cathedral featuring work by Handel and Haydn drew an audience of 970.