Joseph Haydn

Standard Name: Haydn, Joseph


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Cowden Clarke
Vincent Novello , MCC 's father, was a music teacher, choirmaster, composer, and music publisher, who played the organ for the Portuguese Embassy Chapel at South Street, Grosvenor Square, London, for twenty-six years. There...
Leisure and Society Josephine Butler
While in Oxford, JB , along with three of her husband's colleagues, formed a string quartet to study and perform the music of Haydn , Mozart , and Beethoven .
Petrie, Glen. A Singular Iniquity: The Campaigns of Josephine Butler. Macmillan, 1971.
Literary responses Dora Carrington
When artist and critic Henry Lamb viewed the image of the last, he apparently heard or saw music in it. He informed her: I think there is something so very good about your head of...
Occupation Fanny Holcroft
FH was a musician before she was a writer. She was performing for family guests by 1798, when her father's diary says a great deal about her ability, and mentions her being the principal performer...
Performance of text Ruth Padel
RP 's new words for Haydn 's quartet Opus 51 was first performed. They are titled Seven Words and an Earthquake.
Padel, Ruth. “It’s over”. The Guardian, p. Review 19.
Publishing Charlotte Smith
Many of CS 's songs were published here and there, with music by various composers: John Hindle , William Horsley , William Beale , John Relfe , Pasquale Anfossi , Giovanni Paisiello , Ignaz Pleyel , and Joseph Haydn .
Londry, Michael. “On the Use of First-Line Indices for Researching English Poetry of the Long Eighteenth Century, c. 1660-1830, with Special Reference to Women Poets”. The Library, No. 1, pp. 12 -38.
Textual Features Naomi Jacob
Characters in this book (stereotypes all, according to Paul Bailey) include Haydn , Mozart (a little, white-faced genius), Casanova (possessor of a strange, twisted smile), and the Young Pretender .
Bailey, Paul. Three Queer Lives: An Alternative Biography of Fred Barnes, Naomi Jacob and Arthur Marshall. Hamish Hamilton (Penguin), 2001.
Textual Production Ellis Cornelia Knight
Several of her poems were set to music. The Moment of Victory, published in the 1800s, whose musical score was composed by William Rook , was written by her. The Battle of the Nile...


January 1791
The musician Joseph Haydn arrived in England.
At a Salisbury music festival, a concert in the cathedral featuring work by Handel and Haydn drew an audience of 970.