Felix Mendelssohn

Standard Name: Mendelssohn, Felix


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Education Dora Russell
Here Dora became passionate about Goethe and Schiller , Mendelssohn and Schubert , and about theatre in general.
Friends, Associates Hannah Arendt
Growing up in the household of her step-family, HA made the acquaintance of Anna Mendelssohn , later Weil, who became an intimate and lifelong friend. Anna was a descendant of the composer Felix Mendelssohn ...
Friends, Associates Mary Cowden Clarke
In addition to meeting Dickens as a result of her theatrical activities, MCC and her husband met William Hazlitt through a shared duty of theatre reviewing, and she became friends with Mary Howitt , and...
Leisure and Society Frances Ridley Havergal
FRH could play much of Handel , Beethoven , and Mendelssohn from memory, and her powers as a solo singer were very much in request in the Philharmonic Society at Kidderminster.
Enock, Esther E. Frances Ridley Havergal. Pickering and Inglis.
She lived...
Textual Production Patricia Highsmith
At seventeen, back in Texas before going to college, she thought at a film of A Midsummer-Night's Dream: Mendelssohn was no older when he wrote that overture. What a genius!
Highsmith, Patricia. Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction. St Martin’s Press.
At Barnard she...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Beatrice Harraden
Patuffa, growing up during the nineteenth century and considered the black sheep of her family, is described as a rebellious and gifted child.
Colles, Hester Janet. “Spring Shall Plant”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 975, p. 614.
She repeatedly finds herself expelled from school for her rage and...


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