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Employer U. A. Fanthorpe
After becoming known as a poet Fanthorpe held several writer-in-residence posts. The offer of a year as Arts Council writer in residence at St Martin's College , Lancaster in 1983 moved the hospital to give...
Friends, Associates Rumer Godden
RG preserved her friendship with the director Jean Renoir from the time that he filmed her novel The River. After moving to Highgate she became friendly with the writer Stevie Smith (whom she calls...
Material Conditions of Writing Lettice Cooper
She wrote this book on an Arts Council grant.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Material Conditions of Writing Selima Hill
This collection was helped on its way by an Arts Council bursary, awarded in 1993. The cover shows a photograph by Harry Scott (exhibited in 1986) of a somnolent bull-terrier named Hank, foreshortened to be...
Occupation Margaret Drabble
She had decided while at school that she was going to be an actress. In Stratford both she and Clive Swift acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company under Peter Hall , who was setting out...
Occupation Margaret Drabble
MD has taught weekly classes at Morley College in London and made annual lecture tours for the Arts Council .
Sadler, Lynn Veach. Margaret Drabble. Twayne, 1986.
Creighton, Joanne V. Margaret Drabble. Methuen, 1985.
In 1999 she was a visiting professor at the University of Chicago .
Hattersley, Roy. “The Darling of Hampstead”. The Guardian, pp. 6 - 7.
Occupation Philip Larkin
From the 1960s PL became a committee-man and public intellectual. He rendered service in various ways to his profession of librarianship. For the Arts Council of Great Britain he served on the literature panel, and...
Occupation Marghanita Laski
ML served as Vice-Chairman of the Arts Council for these four years, during the premiership of Margaret Thatcher .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
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(25 February 1982): 11
Occupation Penelope Fitzgerald
As an established author, albeit well past most people's retirement age, PF lectured and read her work at festivals and other venues, served on the Arts Council 's literature panel, and was a member of...
Occupation Antonia Fraser
While bringing up her children, AF persevered with the writing career she had already launched. As the wife of a wealthy man, she did voluntary work of various kinds, chairing the Prison Committee and, for...
Occupation Rumer Godden
While living in Highgate RG took to organizing readings: at Foyles bookshop, promoting young poets; at Kenwood House; and for the Arts Council , where she spent two years on the Poetry Panel...
Occupation P. D. James
She retired to become a full-time writer at the end of 1979, six months before her sixtieth birthday. Then she served as a magistrate for Willesden (1979-82) and for Inner London (1984). She has been...
Occupation Marina Warner
MW has given her time in many public capacities. She was a  Member of the Advisory Board of the Royal Mint (1986-1993); a Member of the Committee of Management of the National Council for One-Parent Families
Publishing Kathleen Nott
In December 1967 she had been awarded an Arts Council grant of £1,200 (along with Jean Rhys , Christina Stead , Lettice Cooper , Julia Strachey , and others) to support her writing.
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
57121 (11 December 1967): 10
Reception Lettice Cooper
LC was awarded Arts Council bursaries in 1968 and 1979, an Eric Gregory travelling scholarship in 1977, and the OBE in 1978.
Contemporary Novelists mistakenly dates the awarding of her OBE as 1980.
In 1987...


9 August 1946
The Arts Council of Great Britain received its royal charter; its purpose was to make fine arts more accessible to the public by organizing exhibitions and preserving art.
March 1969
Novelist Angus Wilson , recently appointed Chair of the Literature Panel of the Arts Council , organised the council's first Writers' Tour, to North Wales.
About October 1973
The Women's Theatre Group (still in being as the Sphinx Theatre Company ) was founded in London as a feminist and socialist theatre group; its twin organization the Women's Theatre Company proved short-lived.
April 1974
The first number of Ian Hamilton 's New Review (successor to The Review) included contributions from Dan Jacobson and Edna O'Brien ; it ran for fifty issues, ending in 1979.
Early 1975
Gay Sweatshop Theatre Company was founded as a result of plans by a London co-operative community arts resource centre, Inter-Action , for a season of gay plays to follow their successful women's season.
14 August 1975
The Monstrous Regiment Theatre Company was founded in London by female and male performers, many of whom had already worked with the Women's Street Theatre Company or the Women's Theatre Company .
The British Arts Council formulated a policy whereby developers applying for planning permission are requested to spend one or a half percent of their planning gain on art for the development.
1 April 2002
Britain's existing Arts Council and its ten Regional Arts Boards were amalgamated to create a single coherent, cohesive, simplified funding body speaking strongly and as one for the arts.