Ian Hamilton

Standard Name: Hamilton, Ian,, 1938 - 2001


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Family and Intimate relationships Caroline Blackwood
The Lowell marriage has given Blackwood a bad press. Ian Hamilton (biographer of Lowell) not only thought her awful
Jacobson, Dan. “The Price”. London Review of Books, pp. 22-8.
(whereas he liked Lizzie Hardwick ) but also supposed that, as an Englishman, he was...
Literary responses Anne Sexton
In Britain Ian Hamilton dismissed this volume as a dead end. Christopher Driver made some complaints but found in Sexton a power to infiltrate whole phrases and stanzas into the memory without one noticing it.
Middlebrook, Diane Wood. Anne Sexton: A Biography. Houghton Mifflin.
Literary Setting Shena Mackay
In this work SM moves out of London to a country setting, while retaining much of the same ambience. Columnist Ian Hamilton remarks that reflections of her early, idyllic rural experience are often tucked away...
Reception Susan Miles
Her publishers at Persephone chart the progress of her reputation through an experience around the turn of the century related by Ian Hamilton . A train of thought about forgotten names in Johnson 's Lives...
Residence Caroline Blackwood
Before they were married Blackwood and Lowell lived (in domestic squalor) on the top floor of the London house she had bought in 1970: 80 Redcliffe Square in Chelsea. Meanwhile Israel Citkowitz (now beginning...
Textual Features Shena Mackay
According to critic Ian Hamilton , it is with this novel that structure becomes more important to SM , and more achieved, than in her earlier novels.
Hamilton, Ian. “Bohemian Rhapsodist”. The Guardian, pp. Saturday Review 6 - 7.
Dunedin resembles a drastically remade generational saga...


1962: Critic and biographer Ian Hamilton (not the...

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Critic and biographer Ian Hamilton (not the man of this name who was once involved with Anna Kavan ) launched The Review: A Bi-Monthly Magazine of Poetry and Criticism; it ran, despite persistent financial...

1972: Ian Hamilton's The Review: A Bi-Monthly Magazine...

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Ian Hamilton 's The Review: A Bi-Monthly Magazine of Poetry and Criticism, launched in 1962, ended with a double issue, 29-30, enabling it to reach the number 30 which Hamilton was set on.

April 1974: The first number of Ian Hamilton's New Review...

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April 1974

The first number of Ian Hamilton 's New Review (successor to The Review) included contributions from Dan Jacobson and Edna O'Brien ; it ran for fifty issues, ending in 1979.


Hamilton, Ian. “Bohemian Rhapsodist”. The Guardian, pp. Saturday Review 6 - 7.
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Hamilton, Ian, editor. The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry in English. Oxford University Press, 1994.