Morley College


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Employer Zoë Fairbairns
After early success as a novelist, it began to seem impossible for ZF to combine her three passions—feminism, left-wing politics . . . and novel-writing. She settled for work in journalism instead.
Fairbairns, Zoë et al., editors. More Tales I Tell My Mother. Journeyman.
She has...
Employer Kathleen Raine
Julian Bell recommended during the 1930s that the Hogarth Press should take KR on as an employee, but they did not follow his advice.
Woolf, Virginia. The Letters of Virginia Woolf. Editors Nicolson, Nigel and Joanne Trautmann, Hogarth Press.
5: 245
She was for many years a lecturer at Morley College
Employer Amber Reeves
AR became a tutorial lecturer in Moral Sciences (that is philosophy and psychology) at Morley College in Lambeth: a career for which she used her married name.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Family and Intimate relationships Flora Macdonald Mayor
Ernest Shepherd was a tall, thin, very gentleman-like man, with kind, humorous brown eyes hidden behind glasses, a drooping moustache and an immense capacity for caring about other people's feelings.
Oldfield, Sybil. Spinsters of This Parish: The Life and Times of FM Mayor and Mary Sheepshanks. Virago.
The closest friend of...
Occupation Margaret Drabble
MD has taught weekly classes at Morley College in London and made annual lecture tours for the Arts Council .
Sadler, Lynn Veach. Margaret Drabble. Twayne.
Creighton, Joanne V. Margaret Drabble. Methuen.
In 1999 she was a visiting professor at the University of Chicago .
Hattersley, Roy. “The Darling of Hampstead”. The Guardian, pp. 6-7.
Occupation Amber Reeves
AR retired (at well beyond retirement age) from her lecturing job at Morley College .
Who’s Who. Adam and Charles Black.
Occupation Virginia Woolf
Virginia Stephen (later VW ) began giving weekly classes at Morley College in Lambeth.
Bishop, Edward. A Virginia Woolf Chronology. Macmillan.
Textual Production Anna Swanwick
This work began as an address delivered in aid of Morley College , a very recent London educational organization which proved to have a long-lasting future.


1885: Regular classes began at Morley College in...

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Regular classes began at Morley College in London, a few years after Emma Cons leased the Old Vic Theatre in Waterloo Road, as a venue not just for clean variety shows and concerts but...


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