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Cultural formation Catharine Amy Dawson Scott
Hers was a prosperous middle-class, Methodist family, with an Irish background on her mother's side. The speaker of Rukhmabai in Idylls of Womanhood depicts herself as a maid / Whose Irish blood must send her...
death Catharine Amy Dawson Scott
Tributes to the founder of PEN poured in from writers and friends such as Louis Golding , Rebecca West , and Karel Capek .
Watts, Marjorie, and Frances King. Mrs. Sappho. Duckworth, 1987.
Friends, Associates Gladys Henrietta Schütze
On her first attendance at PEN , taken there by an American friend, Sarah MacConnell , she met Catharine Amy Dawson Scott (whom she took to at once), Galsworthy (whose work she much admired), Roma Wilson
Leisure and Society Noel Streatfeild
NS was elected a member of P.E.N. Club (later PEN International ), which had been founded a decade earlier to help and support writers.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Leisure and Society Penelope Lively
Living in Oxford, PL became an aficionado of local churches, visiting them and studying their features with the help of the guidebooks of Nikolaus Pevsner .
Lively, Penelope. A House Unlocked. Grove Press, 2001.
She also became a member of PEN International
Literary responses Patricia Beer
British Book News was as grudging about the 1975 PEN poetry anthology as it was the same year (1976) about Driving West. It reported that this series plods on with safe, unexciting choices, though...
Material Conditions of Writing Storm Jameson
During her break from The Mirror in DarknessSJ devoted herself to political activism with PEN International and other organizations. But she reserved some time for further creative writing, including three texts linked to her...
Occupation Nina Bawden
NB sat on various literary committees: PEN International , the Society of Authors , and the Royal Society of Literature . She was president of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists , following in...
Occupation Gladys Henrietta Schütze
Having, as a member from its early years of the P. E. N. Club (later PEN International), supported writers persecuted for their opinions, GHS began in the 1930s to work for refugees from Nazi Germany...
Occupation E. H. Young
Before the First World War EHY was a keen climber or mountaineer. During the war she worked in a munitions factory after some time as a groom. She joined the Society of Authors during the...
Occupation Rosamond Lehmann
She had already put in four years as president of the English Centre of PEN International and had chaired its Writers in Prison Committee .
Hastings, Selina. Rosamond Lehmann. Chatto and Windus, 2002.
Occupation Catharine Amy Dawson Scott
CADS founded the Tomorrow Club in London to mentor new writers; it became the germ of PEN .
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Occupation Catharine Amy Dawson Scott
The first PEN dinner was held at the Florence Restaurant in Piccadilly, marking the transformation of the Tomorrow Club into another organization for writers; CADS was founder or co-founder of each.
Watts, Marjorie, and Frances King. Mrs. Sappho. Duckworth, 1987.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Occupation Catharine Amy Dawson Scott
As the founder of PEN , CADS spoke at the first PEN International Conference in New York City.
Watts, Marjorie, and Frances King. Mrs. Sappho. Duckworth, 1987.
Occupation Cecily Mackworth
While in Palestine in 1947-8 CM was working as a correspondent for Paris Presse and L'Aube. She was Middle East correspondent for both these papers during the next couple of years. She and Clare Hollingworth


5 October 1921
The P.E.N. Club (later PEN International ), a world association of authors, was founded in London by writers C. A. Dawson Scott and Violet Hunt .
September 1949
PEN International held a conference in Venice. Delegates included W. H. Auden , C. P. Snow , Pamela Hansford Johnson , and Cecily Mackworth .
At the International PEN Congress in Vienna, a majority of the delegates voted for the establishment of a Women Writers Committee .