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Publishing Helen Oyeyemi
Bloomsbury in London and Penguin in New York published HO 's second novel, The Opposite House.
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop.
Publishing Jeanette Winterson
The book, turned down by Winterson's former publisher, was published by Bloomsbury .
Parker, Peter, editor. A Reader’s Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers. Oxford University Press, 1996.
Publishing J. K. Rowling
JKR 's first book, a novel for children called Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, was published by Bloomsbury after many other publishers had turned it down. The initial print run was just 500.
Smith, Sean. J. K. Rowling. A Biography. Arrow, 2002.
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“The Decade in Review 1997-2007”. MuggleNet.
Publishing J. K. Rowling
Rowling submitted her manuscript to one agent who rejected it, then to the Christopher Little Literary Agency , where it was noticed by Bryony Evans , who had the job of opening the post. The...
Publishing Patricia Highsmith
PH 's last novel, Small g: a summer idyll, was published posthumously (shortly after she died) with Bloomsbury .
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Publishing Patricia Highsmith
Harper rejected this novel, and it came out pseudonymously from Coward-McCann as The Price of Salt. A paperback followed in 1953, in which the work sold more than a million.
Dirda, Michael. “This Woman Is Dangerous”. The Guardian, p. between pp. 12 and 13.
between 12 and 13
Publishing Deborah Levy
This was reissued by Penguin together with Beautiful Mutants and under the title Early Levy, 2014. The combination was reprinted by Bloomsbury Publishing the next year as Beautiful Mutants and Swallowing Geography. Two Early Novels.
Levy, Deborah. Beautiful Mutants and Swallowing Geography. Two Early Novels. Bloomsbury, 2015.
Reception J. K. Rowling
These books have been credited with single-handedly raising literacy rates among children.
“The Decade in Review 1997-2007”. MuggleNet.
They have generated income for many others besides JKR . Firms awarded the contracts for Harry Potter merchandise include Marks and Spencer for...
Textual Production Helen Oyeyemi
HO , still a student, published her first novel, The Icarus Girl, with Bloomsbury Press in the same month that her two plays, Juniper's Whitening and Victimese, were printed by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama .
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British Library Catalogue.
Textual Production Kamila Shamsie
KS published her second novel, Salt and Saffron, with Bloomsbury .
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Textual Production Joanna Trollope
JT published with Bloomsbury a short novel or novella, The Book Boy, one of the collection of Quick Reads contributed by various authors and publishers to World Book Day and to the cause of...
Textual Production Joanna Trollope
JT contributed to Bloomsbury 's series of pocket-size, separately printed short stories costing a pound each (Bloomsbury Quids) a tale entitled Faith, published in 1996.
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Textual Production Nadine Gordimer
After this her next novel, My Son's Story, 1990, marked a change of publisher, from Cape to Bloomsbury .


By Autumn 1975
Carmen Callil 's new Virago Press issued its first title, Mary Chamberlain 's Fenwomen: A Portrait of Women in an English Village, an indictment of rural poverty as it bears on women.
The publishing firm of Bloomsbury Books was founded with the aim of bringing quality to the mass market.
The publishing firm of Bloomsbury Books was founded with the aim of bringing quality to the mass market.
Summer 2005
News broke that one of the bestselling nonfiction books of the year, Judith Kelly 's Rock Me Gently, included passages almost verbally identical with passages by other authors.