Marks and Spencer


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Employer Margaret Forster
She began to take holiday jobs: one at Marks and Spencer and one in a steam laundry, which was noisy, smelling of soap and disinfectant, where pay was deducted for every minute late in clocking...
Literary Setting Sarah Daniels
Shaz enters a downward spiral when she achieves a love-affair but tells her secret and is dumped. When she belatedly learns that Esme receives no money for giving her a home, she sets out with...
Publishing Antonia Fraser
This 70,000-word retelling of Sir Thomas Malory
Wroe, Nicholas. “The history woman”. The Guardian, pp. 16-19.
was produced within six weeks, including research at the then British Museum , to fulfil a contract between Weidenfeld and Nicolson and the retail chain Marks and Spencer
Reception J. K. Rowling
These books have been credited with single-handedly raising literacy rates among children.
“The Decade in Review 1997-2007”. MuggleNet.
They have generated income for many others besides JKR . Firms awarded the contracts for Harry Potter merchandise include Marks and Spencer for...


1834: The Pantheon in London was converted into...

Building item


The Pantheon in London was converted into a Bazaar specializing in fancy goods such as children's clothing, books, and accessories.


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