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Characters Cassandra Cooke
The novel opens [t]owards the end of Oliver Cromwell 's usurpation,
Cooke, Cassandra. Battleridge. C. Cawthorn, 1799.
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among the Vesey family of Battleridge Castle (in the north of England, near one of the castles owned by Lady Anne Clifford
Characters Elizabeth Gaskell
It details the way cultural difference proves fatal when an orphaned young Englishwoman is transplanted to the home of unsympathetic Puritan relatives in New England. She ends up being burned alongside a native woman during...
Characters Emmuska, Baroness Orczy
The story is set among the Puritans under Oliver Cromwell , and many of the characters bear names that convey the earnest desire of their parents that they should grow up to be rigidly virtuous.
Characters Sybille Bedford
In the earliest generation a puritan New England woman marries an Italian prince who turns out to be a philanderer. Their daughter is restless and unsettled, with an active sex-life which her mother cannot bring...
Characters Sybille Bedford
The protagonist, whose mother was a female rake and whose grandmother was a Yankee puritan , has become a successful writer and reached the age of fifty, but she is still troubled with guilt over...
Characters Aphra Behn
This hilarious comedy is set in Rome, with a conspicuously stupid, lustful, and venial puritan clergyman guyed as Tickletext, in transparent allusion to Titus Oates and the Popish Plot. The three heroines all...
Cultural formation Anne Bradstreet
AB belonged to the English Puritan gentry; her faith was keen, but troubled. Her family's Puritanism shaped her life by taking her to America. Once she reached New England, it became an important factor...
Cultural formation Lucy Hutchinson
She grew up in the Puritan part of the Anglican faith. She came to share some of the beliefs of the Baptist s, and later still of the Presbyterian s or Independents . She then...
Cultural formation John Wilmot, second Earl of Rochester
He was born of a mixed marriage, having a monarchist, cavalier father and a parliamentarian, Puritan mother. Young John was ten when he succeeded to the earldom bestowed on his father for selfless and dangerous...
Cultural formation Anne Bradstreet
Having had religious struggles as a child, AB found her heart rose (that is, rebelliously) at the Puritan community of New England. But after I was convinced it was the way of God, I submitted...
Cultural formation Cicely Bulstrode
Her family belonged to the English gentry class. She seems to have favoured the reformed religion, that is puritanism . At this distance of time there is no prospect of determining whether the promiscuity attributed...
Cultural formation Rachel Speght
Daughter and wife of Calvinist clergymen, she was a fervent, Bible-based Anglican or Puritan .
Cultural formation John Bunyan
JB 's spiritual struggle dated back to his unregenerate teens. Under the influence of his first wife he began attending the establishedchurch and developed exaggerated reverence for its priests,
Bunyan, John. Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners. George Larkin, 1666.
but he later saw this...
Cultural formation Elizabeth Joscelin
EJ 's parents came from the English landowning and professional classes. They were Anglican s and their daughter evidently later leaned towards Puritanism .
Cultural formation Elizabeth Stirredge
She grew up in a strict Puritan , English household. Before she was ten she suffered religious fears: I was so filled with fears and doubts, that I could take no delight in any thing...


1 November 1614
Ben Jonson 's comedyBartholomew Fair was performed before James I , to whom it was dedicated, by the Lady Elizabeth's Servants .
19 December 1644
Parliament passed an ordinance insisting that when, in the coming week, Christmas clashed with a monthly fast day, the fast should displace the feast.


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