Patrick Collinson

Standard Name: Collinson, Patrick


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Cultural formation Anne Locke
Though no longer subject to persecution, AL found herself still a dissenter from the established form of Christianity: in Patrick Collinson 's words, the very first documented protestant separatist from the Elizabethan church. Collinson also...
Education Queen Elizabeth I
There are suggestions that the young Elizabeth was ambitious. She told her father she hoped to be not only the imitator of his virtues but also heir to them. When her brother was king she...
Family and Intimate relationships Queen Elizabeth I
Historians differ about Anne. George Bernard thinks she was frivolous and fashionable, and may have been to some degree guilty as charged. On the other hand her biographer Eric Ives calls her the most influential...
Friends, Associates Queen Elizabeth I
Patrick Collinson in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography observes: Excessive attention bestowed on the greatest of the queen's men, her favourites, has distracted consideration from . . . her women. (Less prominent men, and...
Literary responses Queen Elizabeth I
Patrick Collinson in his ODNB entry on Elizabeth calls this multiple translation a truly prodigious achievement.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
politics Queen Elizabeth I
Elizabeth's youth was lived in the shadow of national power politics. Her younger brother succeeded her father as king. The year she turned twenty he died, and Lady Jane Grey , placed on the throne...
Reception Queen Elizabeth I
Historian Patrick Collinson remarks that QEI would have viewed her translations as the most intellectually serious, the most literary, of all her writings.
Collinson, Patrick. “Little Bastard”. London Review of Books, pp. 17-18.
Textual Production Anne Locke
Scholarly attention paid to the formerly almost invisible AL dates back forty years, to 1965 and Patrick Collinson 's The Role of Women in the English Reformation Illustrated by the Life and Friendships of Anne...
Textual Production Anne Locke
The original A Meditation in the form of sonnets, added to the sermons, is said to come from the hand of a friend: that is, it is not definitely claimed by the author of the...


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