Betty Askwith

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Dedications Theodora Benson
TB published her first novel, Salad Days, with a dedication to her friend and future collaborator Betty Askwith . The title-page quotes Shakespeare 's Cleopatra.
British Library Catalogue.
Friends, Associates Theodora Benson
TB enjoyed a wide circle of friends both literary and non-literary. The former included Rose Macaulay and Howard Spring . She met her future collaborator Betty Askwith (daughter of an old friend of her mother's)...
Literary responses Naomi Royde-Smith
Askwith (herself a published writer) defended NRS in the columns of The Times soon after the latter's death. She ranked The Delicate Situation as a novel likely to survive, and likened it to other works...
Literary responses Theodora Benson
Richard Sunne wrote in the New Statesman and Nation of Shallow Water, Miss Benson's soufflé is perfect, and she serves it under a magical salamander, so that each piece retains its lightness and its...
Literary responses Theodora Benson
Askwith wrote after Benson's death that the fun they had compiling these books stood quite apart from Benson's serious writing.
Askwith, Betty. “Miss Theodora Benson”. Times, No. 57458, p. 8.
Literary responses Theodora Benson
Elizabeth Jenkins wrote that The White Sea Monkey was not only the most terrifying story I ever read, but the most characteristic expression of her, in its agonized compassion and its understanding of the human...
Literary responses Theodora Benson
John Betjeman , reviewing this book in the Daily Herald, called it a beautiful novel. . . . Full of acute feminine observation, drinks, jokes, talk in keeping with its varied characters, atmosphere and...
Literary responses Stella Gibbons
The publisher had no shortage of praise to quote in advertising material. Elizabeth Goudge called the book the most exciting story and generally agreed with Elizabeth Jenkins 's point that it achieved a truly remarkable...
Author summary Theodora Benson
TB published over a thirty-year span in the earlier twentieth century. Most immediately successful among her works in terms of sales were books of the currently fashionable flippant humour, most of them in collaboration with...
Publishing Theodora Benson
Together with Betty Askwith , TB published Foreigners; or, The World in a Nutshell, a book of humorous sketches with pictures by Nicolas Bentley ; by December it was in its third impression.
British Library Catalogue.
Textual Features Naomi Royde-Smith
This is a novel of two generations. A young woman, embarked on a secret love affair, finds support from her aunt, Lena Quibell, because Lena's youth lacked opportunity for personal or sexual happiness, but was...
Textual Features Theodora Benson
Her contributors include Louis Golding on his first time horse-racing and Beverley Nichols on having an Affaire. Betty Askwith wrote of being bitten with the travel bug (on a journey in company with TB
Textual Production Theodora Benson
TB 's next novel, Lobster Quadrille, was written in collaboration with Betty Askwith (who had already published a book of verse).
British Library Catalogue.
Textual Production Theodora Benson
TB , again with Askwith and Bentley , followed Foreigners with Muddling Through; or, Britain in a Nutshell; this time December found the book on only its second impression.
Benson, Theodora et al. Muddling Through. Victor Gollancz.
Textual Production Theodora Benson
TB followed this in 1931 with two novels, Shallow Water (with illustrations by Ward) and Which Way? She collaborated with Betty Askwith again in Seven Basketfuls, 1932.


By mid-October 1930: W. C. Sellar and R. J. Yeatman published...

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By mid-October 1930

W. C. Sellar and R. J. Yeatman published 1066 and All That, which was subtitled A memorable history of England: comprising, all the parts you can remember.


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