Elizabeth Thomas

Standard Name: Thomas, Elizabeth,, 1675 - 1731
Birth Name: Elizabeth Thomas
Pseudonym: Corinna
Pseudonym: Eliza
Pseudonym: A Young Lady
ET (dubbed Corinna by Dryden and writing mostly in the early eighteenth century) was a poet of real stature and an interesting letter-writer. Her few authentic works have been upstaged by the many miscellaneous writings which survive in forms probably significantly changed from the way she left them.


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Friends, Associates Mary, Lady Chudleigh
MLC 's circle of friends was largely maintained by correspondence. She discussed literary and philosophical ideas with John Dryden , Mary Astell (Almystrea in Chudleigh's poetry), Elizabeth Thomas , and other women who are...
Friends, Associates John Dryden
Of these female disciples, Mary, Lady Chudleigh , and the younger Elizabeth Thomas enjoyed personal friendships with JD . But his career was conspicuous for professional enmities as well as friendships. His feud with Thomas Shadwell
Friends, Associates John Norris
JN conducted correspondences with a number of learned women: Mary, Lady Chudleigh (who visited him at his home), Damaris, Lady Masham (with whom his relationship ended in difference of opinion), and Elizabeth Thomas , all...
Friends, Associates Alexander Pope
Pope's relationships with women, particularly women who wrote, tended to be complicated and turbulent. They have been ably studied by scholar Valerie Rumbold . Contrary to rumour, he apparently liked and respected Anne Finch ...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Astell
Among those directly influenced by this work were Judith Drake , Elizabeth Thomas , Mary, Lady Chudleigh , and Elizabeth Elstob .
Perry, Ruth. The Celebrated Mary Astell: An Early English Feminist. University of Chicago Press.
George Berkeley 's use of long passages from this text, unattributed, in...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Astell
MA influenced a whole generation of writing women: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu , Mary Chudleigh , Elizabeth Thomas , Judith Drake , Damaris Masham (although Masham's opinions were markedly different), Elizabeth Elstob , and Jane Barker
Intertextuality and Influence Henrietta Battier
HB (if it is she) presents herself as a brand-new author: a Bardling! - bursting from her Shell!
Battier, Henrietta. The Mousiad. P. Byrne.
Her satire on the sexuality of a male ecclesiastic suggests works of several generations earlier by...
Intertextuality and Influence May Drummond
Thomas Story said that at the beginning of her preaching career MD had a Turn of Expression . . . very taking to most Hearers, especially the more polite sort of both Sexes,
Story, Thomas.
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Masters
A few of the letters discuss female friendship and feminist opinion, as if seeking to raise the consciousness of the recipient. Some in this category occur at random among other letters. Most treat topics of...
Literary responses Mary, Lady Chudleigh
Elizabeth Thomas first wrote to MLC to congratulate her on this poem, then went on to celebrate her in verse.
Mary, Lady Chudleigh,. “Introduction”. The Poems and Prose of Mary, Lady Chudleigh, edited by Margaret J. M. Ezell, Oxford University Press, p. xvii - xxxvi.
Occupation John Dryden
By this time Dryden's two careers as writer and dramatist were well launched. The first depended on his ability to please the Stuart court, and the second on his ability to please a theatre audience...
Publishing Mary, Lady Chudleigh
Letters written by MLC appeared posthumously in several compilations put out by Edmund Curll : Whartoniana, 1727, the Poetical Works of Philip, Duke of Wharton , 1731, and Pylades and Corinna, 1731, by...
Textual Features Mary, Lady Chudleigh
MLC 's occasions include the public and private. She opens with an ode on the recent death of the queen's only surviving child , in which the speaker, unconventionally, rejects the consolation duly offered by...
Textual Production Mary, Lady Chudleigh
MLC wrote on 8 October 1710 to thank Sophia for accepting the dedication.
Mills, Rebecca. "Thanks for that Elegant Defense": Polemical Prose and Poetry by Women in the Early Eighteenth Century. Oxford University.
The essays had evidently been written or partly written long before they were published. Seven years before the volume appeared, MLC
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Catharine Trotter
The letters published by Birch reflect an intellect dealing in literary as well as moral debate. To Thomas Burnet of KemnayCT wrote of religious and philosophical matters; he was her link to currents of...


1 December 1699: John Pomfret published The Choice, a poem...

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1 December 1699

John Pomfret published The Choice, a poem in praise of the good life; among many other poems sharing this title, or that of The Wish, Pomfret's became a long-lived favourite.

September 1727: Edmund Curll issued (with no publisher mentioned...

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September 1727

Edmund Curll issued (with no publisher mentioned in the colophon but with his name signed to the dedication) Whartoniana in two volumes, often referred to as the work of Philip, Duke of Wharton .


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