Philip, Duke of Wharton

Standard Name: Wharton, Philip,,, Duke of


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Anthologization Elizabeth Thomas
This ragbag collection (of which Curll's biographers remark that he could do more with an et cetera than anybody else in recorded history)
Baines, Paul, and Pat Rogers. Edmund Curll, Bookseller. Clarendon Press.
boasted only two items by the newsworthy Jacobite churchman Francis Atterbury
Publishing Mary, Lady Chudleigh
Letters written by MLC appeared posthumously in several compilations put out by Edmund Curll : Whartoniana, 1727, the Poetical Works of Philip, Duke of Wharton , 1731, and Pylades and Corinna, 1731, by...
Textual Features Jane Porter
This novel's setting is the time of the later Stuarts, in England and Scotland, and, for extended periods, in Germany and Spain. An important and brilliant figure in the novel is Philip, Duke of Wharton
Textual Production Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Throughout the 1720 LMWM regularly responded in poetry to events in her social circle. She wrote on an alleged incident of attempted rape; on the deaths of the Duke of Marlborough , William Congreve ...


3 June 1723-17 February 1724: Philip, Duke of Wharton, published a Jacobite...

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3 June 1723-17 February 1724

Philip, Duke of Wharton , published a Jacobite periodical entitled True Briton, until the government suppressed it.

September 1727: Edmund Curll issued (with no publisher mentioned...

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September 1727

Edmund Curll issued (with no publisher mentioned in the colophon but with his name signed to the dedication) Whartoniana in two volumes, often referred to as the work of Philip, Duke of Wharton .


Philip, Duke of Wharton,. The Poetical Works of Philip, late Duke of Wharton. Edmund Curll, 1731.