May Drummond

Standard Name: Drummond, May
MD acquired huge fame (both celebration and opprobrium) as a Quaker minister and preacher beginning in the 1730s. She published only one identified slim volume of exhortatory letters and a pamphlet.


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Textual Production Susanna Centlivre
The writer of the preface takes up the cudgels for Centlivre in feminist style, dwelling on the obstacles she faced as a woman, and invoking the achievements of other women like Anne Dacier , May Drummond


September 1753: George Drummond, Provost of Edinburgh (and...

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September 1753

George Drummond , Provost of Edinburgh (and brother of the Quaker preacher and writer May Drummond ), laid the foundation stone of the new Royal Exchange there.

By March 1767: There was published in London The Female...

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By March 1767

There was published in LondonThe Female American; or, The Adventures of Unca Elizabeth Winkfield, whose mixed-race heroine recounts her life story.


Drummond, May. Internal Revelation the Source of Saving Knowledge. 1736.
Drummond, May. To the Meeting assembled in the Chamber at Gracechurch-street. 1766.