Thomas Shadwell

Standard Name: Shadwell, Thomas


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death Margaret Cavendish
She was buried, after a stately funeral procession all the way to London, in the north transept of Westminster Abbey on 7 January 1674. Her husband wrote an inscription praising her books as well as...
Friends, Associates John Dryden
Of these female disciples, Mary, Lady Chudleigh , and the younger Elizabeth Thomas enjoyed personal friendships with JD . But his career was conspicuous for professional enmities as well as friendships. His feud with Thomas Shadwell
Intertextuality and Influence Caryl Churchill
Written in rhyming couplets, the drama keeps up a very fast pace with short, rapidly shifting scenes. The opening scene, taken directly from Thomas Shadwell 's 1692 drama The Volunteers, or the Stockjobbers, transforms...
Literary responses Aphra Behn
The Tory content of this play (with that of The Roundheads) moved the Whig Thomas Shadwell to attack AB as a literary whore. At the same time the same charge was levelled against her...
Occupation Eliza Haywood
She appeared in Thomas Shadwell 's adaptation of Shakespeare 's Timon of Athens. She seems to have had some provincial acting experience too, and is recorded on stage at Nottingham on 23 April 1717...
Author summary Aphra Behn
It is difficult to summarise AB 's immense and complex importance for the history of women's writing. Virginia Woolf said she deserved from all women a tribute of flowers because she was the first to...
Textual Production Aphra Behn
AB 's comedy The Widdow Ranter; or, The History of Bacon in Virginia, the first play to be set in British North America, had a posthumous performance at Drury Lane which may have been...
Textual Production Jean Marishall
JM published at Edinburgh, by subscription, her play, Sir Harry Gaylove; or, Comedy in Embryo, after long and unsuccessful efforts to get it performed.
The character-name in her title had been used by...


17 August 1612: The trial of the Lancashire witches resulted...

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17 August 1612

The trial of the Lancashire witches resulted in the execution of seven women and one man.

December 1672: The comedy Epsom-Wells, by Thomas Shadwell,...

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December 1672

The comedy Epsom-Wells, by Thomas Shadwell , pushed back the boundaries of what was acceptable on stage, by presenting minor characters fresh from having sex.

By about September 1679: Thomas Shadwell's comedy The Woman Captain...

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By about September 1679

Thomas Shadwell 's comedyThe Woman Captain was first performed on stage.

October 1682: John Dryden anonymously published his mock-heroic...

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October 1682

John Dryden anonymously published his mock-heroicsatireMac Flecknoe (probably written in 1676).


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