Thomas Burnet

Standard Name: Burnet, Thomas,, of Kemnay


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Family and Intimate relationships Catharine Trotter
Before CT 's marriage, it seems that her future husband wavered towards choosing someone else. CT for her part was an object of interest from a Rev. Mr Fenn , whom she respected but did...
Family and Intimate relationships Catharine Trotter
He was a curate, until he refused to take the oath of loyalty to George I on his accession.
Wilson, Adrian. “The Politics of Medical Improvement in Early Hanoverian London”. The Medical Enlightenment of the Eighteenth Century, edited by Andrew Cunningham and Roger French, Cambridge University Press, pp. 4-39.
He was then reduced to working as a Latin teacher until eleven years later he...
Friends, Associates Catharine Trotter
Thomas Burnet of Kemnay wrote the first of his surviving letters to CT ; he was at this date thinking of her as a potential wife, and was concerned to convert her from Roman Catholicism .
Kelley, Anne. Catharine Trotter: An Early Modern Writer in the Vanguard of Feminism. Ashgate.
Friends, Associates Catharine Trotter
During her London years she was an ally of Damaris Masham , but quarrelled with Delarivier Manley . She found both a patron and a friend in Sarah, Lady Piers (who wrote poetry herself). She...
Textual Features Catharine Trotter
The letters published by Birch reflect an intellect dealing in literary as well as moral debate. To Thomas Burnet of KemnayCT wrote of religious and philosophical matters; he was her link to currents of...


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