Sir Thomas Fairfax

Standard Name: Fairfax, Sir Thomas
Used Form: Thomas Fairfax, third Lord Fairfax of Cameron


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Residence Mary Ward
On 3 June 1644 York was besieged by Sir Thomas Fairfax : the prospect of a siege made MW reluctantly agree to move inside the city. There she stayed until the siege ended late the...
Textual Features Rosemary Sutcliff
Each of these books is based around the life of an actual historical figure. The first features Bess Throckmorton : her secret marriage to Sir Walter Raleigh and her experiences after it. The second follows...
Textual Production Mary Carey
These had been written over a number of years. MC 's own manuscript, formerly owned by the family of the poet Alice Meynell , is now the property of scholar Germaine Greer .
Healey, R. M. “Interview with Germaine Greer”. Book and Magazine Collector, Vol.
, pp. 26-34.


14 June 1645: Cromwell's New Model Army scored its first...

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14 June 1645

Cromwell 's New Model Army scored its first signal victory, at the battle of Naseby in Northamptonshire. This defeat for Charles I was a step towards his surrender in May 1646 and the end...

June 1648: Royalists commanded by Sir Charles Lucas...

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June 1648

Royalists commanded by Sir Charles Lucas were besieged in Colchester by parliamentarian forces under Sir Thomas Fairfax .

5 January 1649: An English widow named Johanna Cartwright,...

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5 January 1649

An English widow named Johanna Cartwright , resident in Amsterdam with her son Ebenezer , presented to General Sir Thomas Fairfax a pamphlet whose lengthy title begins The Petition of the Jewes.

27 January 1649: Ann or Anne Fairfax (wife of the former parliamentary...

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27 January 1649

Ann or Anne Fairfax (wife of the former parliamentary commander Sir Thomas Fairfax ) made her second verbal intervention in the trial of Charles I .


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