Anne, Lady Fairfax

Standard Name: Fairfax, Anne,,, Lady
Used Form: Ann Fairfax


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Family and Intimate relationships Brilliana, Lady Harley
Anne, Lady Fairfax , wife of the leading parliamentary general, was a cousin of BH.
Purkiss, Diane. The English Civil War, A People’s History. Harper Perennial.
Textual Features Rosemary Sutcliff
Each of these books is based around the life of an actual historical figure. The first features Bess Throckmorton : her secret marriage to Sir Walter Raleigh and her experiences after it. The second follows...


27 January 1649: Ann or Anne Fairfax (wife of the former parliamentary...

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27 January 1649

Ann or Anne Fairfax (wife of the former parliamentary commander Sir Thomas Fairfax ) made her second verbal intervention in the trial of Charles I .


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